Fundraising is important to support the 3rd Kanata activities and events. This allows funding of special events, specialized gear to enhance the youths outdoor activities, a reserve fund for years in which a deficit may result due to growth in sections or additional rental costs of facilities, etc.

The direct youth cost of camps (food, nightly camping fees) is paid parents, fundraising is used to purchase, maintain and store the tents, stoves, camp kitchens, event equipment that is shared across all 9 sections in 3rd Kanata. The group also supplements Leader Volunteer costs for camps. monthly cost of the Gym Facilities, group meeting rooms, Leader Training including first aid , some specific section costs such a Beaver Blankets, Kub Kars, repair of the race equipment, Scout Klondike Derby sleds, etc . Based on success of fundraising efforts the group also supplements some Group level camps and special events.

To recognize the effort spent on fundraising, and the lower fee resulting from them, a volunteer bond , based on a registration fee with no fundraising is used. Each non-register volunteer is asked to donate time to activities to support the group. Points are given for each activity and once a sufficent number of points is reached the contribution is recognized by destroying the cheque.

Fundraising Activities

Our Primary Fundraising Activities to fund 3rd Kanata are::

  • Scout Popcorn
  • Apple Day
  • Scoutrees
  • Rink Maintenance (Bridlewood School)
  • Silent Auction