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How to join?  
Register online directly using

Contact us and let us know you want to come!  A registration night is usually held the second Wednesday of September, but you can join at any time throughout the year. 

Parents and community members are welcome encouraged to join our dedicated volunteers to help deliver this valuable service to the youth of our community!  Contact us to help out.  

(Contact 3EP if using online registration and payment is an issue for you and we'll work on a solution together.)

Who can join? 
We welcome all boys and girls of school age (5 years old by end of December) looking for fun, fellowship, and adventure!  Our goal is to make better contributing citizens and have fun while doing it.  You don't have to be a member of any organized religion, but you must hold a basic spiritual belief and be willing to honour the promise.  

Where and When? 
Colony (Beaver Scouts) meets on Thursday evenings, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, at the Tallahassee Community Centre.  
Pack (Cub Scouts) and Troop (Scouts) meet on Monday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm, at the Eastern Passage Education Centre.  

Can we try it out before registering? 

Yes!  Our policies allow for a two week trial before requiring registration.  For insurance reasons, we cannot accept youth beyond two meetings without being registered.

How much does it cost to register?  
  • Registration: $230 annually.  This goes to national, not the 3EP Group.  
  • There is usually a discounted rate for those joining late (Jan. onward, $180) and registering early ($215) for the next year (May and June) is also discounted.  
  • Prices quoted here are subject to change. 
Are there any other costs to be in Scouts? 
We try to keep costs as low as we can, to include as many people as possible, but there are costs involved in participating.  In addition to registration (see previous question) the following costs are often associated:
  • Uniform: Each member must have a Cub Scout shirt ($33), Troop Shirt ($33+), or Beaver Scout vest and hat ($39).  These are purchased mail-order from (Prices subject to change.)
  • Each week members are expected to pay "dues" of $2.  This is usually only collected during "in hall" meetings, which is usually all but one a month, on average.  
  • Indoor shoes:  During the winter and poor weather, clean indoor footwear is needed for regular meetings.  Meetings at EPEC (Scouts and Cub Scouts) always require indoor footwear. 
  • Event costs, which vary from free to $15-$40 for a weekend camp.  (Some Council or National run events, as well as a our summer camp, do cost more.)  We try to have an outdoor event every month or so.  (See the note on fund-raising below regarding offsetting event costs.)  
  • Equipment: Suitable outdoor equipment is needed as youth move through the program.  Scouters will work with the youth and parents to ensure the right gear is in place for each event.  (Be careful to not over buy on easily outgrown or lost items!)  We have often been able to provide or loan equipment to those in need. 
If these money numbers cause you concern, please talk to us!  We want to see any and all interested children and youth participating in our program! 

Is there financial support for those in need? 
There is financial support available to those who need it.  Our participants have used Scouts Canada's No One Left Behind program and occasionally other support to help out.  
We ask that every youth still find a way to pay the $2 weekly dues, as it helps teach the youth that all must contribute to the group to be a part of it.   We can find help for the other participation costs as need be.  

A portion of most fundraising we do goes to this program, so we encourage everyone looking for any degree of help to apply!  

Do we need a Uniform immediately? 
Most newcomers and those trying it out often don't have a uniform yet.  Please arrange to get one immediately after the trial weeks, please.  

Is fund-raising done? 
Yes, although we try very hard to have a balance between fundraising activities and Scouting activities.  We want the focus to be on outdoor and adventure activities, but we do need the funds to have the fun!  The majority of the Group costs are covered by fundraising, not individual fees.  Some fundraisers are run by Scout Canada and others by our Group.  Each youth will also be rewarded by applying 20% of the amount raised (where possible) to offset event costs. 
This has resulted in significant savings for many participants.  
How to keep informed? 
Please subscribe to email notices.  Once your email is verified, any new notices will be emailed to you.
Click the envelope icon on the web page, or click here.  
Past notices are posted on the News & Notices page
We are now using ScoutsTracker to organize events and send communications.  Please make sure we know of all emails that need to be notified for each youth.  

When are meetings cancelled? 

Are Camp Fees Refunded if a Scout Cancels?
Please our 3EP Event Refund Policy(Short answer... probably not in full.)  

Still have more questions?  Contact us! 

For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions, see the national site

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