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Colony (Beaver Scouts) Ages 5-7

The Beaver Scout Program is designed for children ages 5-7 years old.   The aim of the program is to have fun and learn through sharing.

Fun and friendship is the cornerstone of the Beaver Scouts program.  Beaver Scouts opens the door for 5-8 year-olds to discover the world.  It is filled with a little bit of everything – outdoor activities, games, songs, story telling, and sports.  

Our meetings run from 6:30 - 7:30 pm Thursday, at Tallahassee Community Centre.  We ask that a parent or care giver accompany the Beaver to and from the meetings, waiting for at least two (2) registered Scouts Canada leaders to be present before leaving.  

Parents are welcome to stay and observe, but must be registered as parent helpers to help out.  This to ensure that all are familiar with the volunteer code of conduct and our youth and child protection policies.  

Tallahassee Community Centre

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