About Us

3Pyramids Film and Entertainment, LLC. (3PM) is an entertainment production company, recording studio, entertainment group, management group, distribution company, publishing company, marketing/advertising firm and special events coordinator that uses the latest technology to provide entertainment production services. The company is run by US Army Veteran, Ms. Maya Hall (Chairman and CEO), who has a sterling reputation in the industry for her business saavy and production experience. Ms. Hall has led 3PM to produce the "Problem Chyle" project selling over 50,000 copies and has completed several apprenticeships with New Line Cinema (Player’s Club, BAPS, Love Jones). Her credits are The Judgment, the company’s first independent short film, receiving the Audience Award in the 2002; Spaghetti Junction Film Festival; and she worked on films Trois, Walter of Wisconsin and The Contract, working primarily with budgeting.  

Company History

3Pyramids Film and Entertainment, LLC. (3PM) was formed in Florida on May 1, 2015 as the “parent” company (developing, producing, distributing motion pictures) to The Alexia & Z series, Pen-Pointe Publications, Liquid Flow Studios, Choice One Television and the soon to be East Coast International Film Festival. 3PM's main service is entertainment production; however other revenue streams utilized include producing, music editing, writing, producing and directing. The company works with clients with projects ranging from film and television to music and marketing.


Our mission is to become the leading film and entertainment company in the region providing all the necessary tools and service to cover any entertainment production and utilizing the latest technology and entertainment professionals.