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Meeting Minutes 3/26/12

posted Mar 30, 2012, 11:08 AM by Abby Setterholm

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  1. Come and talk to us about the First Year Show – It was such a positive experience this year, lets make it happen again! …Please?
  1. Katie Welch would love to talk to you!
  1. Submit a sweatshirt slogan:
  2. Submit Joke Awards:
  3. A Master Class with Steve Maler of Commonwealth Shakespeare Company will take place on April 6 from 2-5 PM!
  1. If you would like to attend email me to sign up, there is a cap at 20
  2. Check out the materials regarding the class and CSC’s other programs attached to this email!
  1. Upcoming Meetings
  1. April 2 – Major proposals
  2. April 9 – Board Elections
  1. Contact the person who is currently in the position you’re thinking of applying to!
  1. Directing One Acts Auditions (Performance April 30th)
  1. Auditions will be in one week: Sunday, April 1 from 8-10pm, and Monday, April 2 5-7pm
  2. Materials and information are going up on the callboard soon
  3. Anyone not involved in HYPE or Underpants can participate
  1. Special Effects Makeup/Specialty Props Builder Guest Lecture: Ben Bornstein
  1. Next Tuesday April 3rd
  2. Special Effects Makeup Artist and Specialty Props Builder Ben Bornstein will be here to guest lecture for Linda’s makeup class at 1:30.  
  3. First 45mins will be in Jackson 6 and open to all interested to see his portfolio and presentation about working in the film industry.  
  4. Ben has worked in Boston and LA on lots of big projects.  Anyone interested in joining the rest of the class for demos and hands-on experience should contact me, as there is very limited space and preference will go to those who have worked on makeup or costumes for shows or taken my class last year, this will be from 2:15-4:30 in the dressing 
  5. Info about Ben:

Creative Initiative Make-Up & Effects Studio, LLC

Benjamin S. Bornstein (owner)

Local 798 Make-Up Artist / Local 481 Specialty Prop Builder<><>

  1. Ryan’s O-Show Porposal: “Circle Mirror Transformation”
  1. Circle Mirror Transformation follows an acting class over the course of 6 weeks
  1. Community theater “which is always funny”
  2. It’s a comedy but not farcical and has unique, well-crafted characters
  1. Ryan views this as an interesting approach to theater with characters who are new to the experience of acting – a great concept for an o-show as we introduce new members to Tufts theater
  2. Ryan would be a first time director
  1. Directs through HYPE – has experience writing and staging scenes as a mime
  2. Open to having a mentor
  1. Stage managed by Jeff Richmond
  2. Voting will be out of meeting and will open on Wednesday at 12PM and close at 5PM on Friday.
  1. If you would like to vote and are not yet a voting member – send in those commitments, a finalized voter list will go out tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 9PM


  1. Mrs., Widow
  2. Ambivalence


  1. Christina Moore is stunned into almost silence


  1. Contact Theresa at:
  2. We are still looking for an ASM, Props Designer, Set Designer and, TD for the O-Show (Lets fill those roles ASAP!)
  3. We’re also looking for a First Year Show pstaff and major pstaff positions
  1. For the major, let us know if you would like to take on a head design or assistantship position
  2. The First Year Show will follow the same pstaff structure as last year. We are looking for mentors for 1st year students – tech coordinators, stage manager, etc


  1. Kyle sent along some fliers from the Drama Dept for the Fall 2012 classes – check them out! They’re attached to this email!


Director: Ted Simpson

Stage Manager: Jeff Ryder, 

  1. They’re great        


  1. They had their 1st read thru
  2. They’re rehearsing and dancing!


President: Elizabeth Sharpe-Levine ’12,

Secretary: Rachel Adams ’14,

  1. Jazz club tickets are on sale! Get yours now – they’re FREE
  1. President Monaco will be attending on Friday
  1. Major proposals are coming up! If you want to be involved you should speak up now
  1. Still looking for some P-staffers
  1. Stay tuned for Constituational Changes, Part Deux: Torn Ticket Style!


Director: Sarah Rebecca Gaglio ’12, 

  1. They had a two hour load in and a great tech run!
  2. General admission – the tickets are FREE
  3. The show needs ushers – up to 6 per night
  1. Ushering is a commitment for TTii AND they’ll bring you baked goods


Director: Stephanie Fischer ’13, 

Stage Manager: Mayabea Schechner ’14, 

  1. Rehearsing
  2. Cast – please respond to the emails about conflicts
  1. Please also answer some email about buying stools?
  1. Bios are due April 1


Director: Josh Glenn-Kayden ’12, 

Stage Manager: Mayabea Schechner ’14, 

  1. They had 2 great shows
  2. JGK says thanks for coming!
  3. Cast: DVDs are coming shortly
  4. Post show bonding soon!


Contact: (General Inquiries) (Submissions)

  1. High Yellow, Blue Black Birds will be performed next Wednesday April 4th at 7:30 and 9:30 in Barnum 8
  2. Send in written work! Time is running out!
  3. People who were involved in PBP way back when: Please keep an eye out for an email about DVDs. They are ready to be made for those who want them!
  4. Talk to them about being on the Board

BARE BODKIN MAJOR – Romeo and Juliet

Director: Katie Welch ’12, 

  1. Bios were due today – send ‘em to Sydney
  2. They got switchblades in the mail!
  3. Bonding is this weekend - respond to Katie’s email


Director: John-Michael Sequeira ’12, 

Stage Manager: Abby Setterholm ’14, 

  1. They made their kickstarter goal (Congrats!)
  2. There will be a fundraising concert at 9pm in the Crane Room
  1. Posters are coming soon to a campus near you…
  2. Check out the event on Facebook
  1. They’re buying their plane tickets tomorrow!

SPRING 2012 THESIS PRODUCTION – Mrs. Widow (Matthew Gurren)

Director: Matt Gurren ’12, 

  1. Thanks for coming
  2. Cast and Pstaff look out for an email about post show bonding, etc


  1. Their next show will be this Friday
  2. Prepare now and stay prepared until 11pm in Sophia Gordon


  1. No news to report, except that our next show will be on April 13. It is called "Rub-A-Dub-Dub-Step." It probably will be in Braker 001. Slow Kids at Play from BU will be there too. Hooray! 


  1. Contact: 
  2. 1st episode comes out tomorrow!
  1. Stars both Alexa Chryssos and President Monaco
  1. Jumbo Love Match has been cancelled. Lina is sad. Thomas is not.


  1. Having a slew of shows in april…probably
  2. Get excited about their Game-o-matic show featuring games made up in previeous game-o-matic
  1. Including “Silent Zebras” and “Vaudeville Lions”
  2. Things I never thought I’d type


  1. Contact: Ryan Willison, A’ 
  2. They have a show at ART on May 15
  3. They’re taking a trip to NYC this weekend to see Broken Box!


  1. Performing for kids
  2. They’ve set their on campus date – check out Trunk at a Tufts near you on May
  3. They’re going to Trunk Prom. Awww.


Contact: Kyle Cherry ’12, or Emma Shakarshy ’12,

  1. Having a meeting on Saturday
  2. Show dates will be decided on soon


Contact: Yessenia Rivas,

  1. Sarabande Presents: Shake It Out – April 5 @ 9pm/ April 7 @ 8pm
  2. Tickets are on sale now – they are free with Tufts ID
  3. Music you’ll hear: Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine
  4. Open Class, Sunday 8-9 will be taught by Yessenia this week!



  1.  Meeting NEXT Monday

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you have in common with the world of Mad Men?

Dave Gennert: “I’m rather sexist, but it’s ok because I’m successful.”

Cara Guappone: “I have big hair.”

Marcus Hunter: “I hate January Jones.”