Meet the Executive Board!

From left to right: Abbie, Lina, Michelle, Abby, Theresa and Jonny.

3Ps Executive Board 2011-2012

President: Jonny Hendrickson '12

    Jonny Hendrickson (President) is a senior Drama major. As President he serves as the face of 3Ps to the performing arts community and to the greater Tufts world as well as leading weekly meetings (every Monday at noon in Balch! Come come come!). In the rest of his life, he is an actor, director, and member of both HYPE! mimez and Surprise! Teeth cabaret. He is also a connoisseur of Somerville's delivery food options, and many a restaurant has the Aidekman Arts Center address saved in connection with his phone number. Ask him about 3Ps, acting/directing/miming/teething, or (most importantly) who makes the best dumplings.

Director of Programming: Abbie Hill '12

    Abbie Hill (Director of Programming) is a senior majoring in engineering and minoring in drama. On the board, she plans events for 3Ps from panels and talkbacks to soirees and shindigs.  Outside the board, she dabbles in lighting design, stage management and various other backstage pursuits.  She adores theme parties, ridiculous costume attire and pursuing her lifelong goal of being mistaken for a drag queen.  She's happy to answer questions about programming events of any kind, lights (and designing them), stages (and managing them), or just how to be really unphotogenic.  


Director of Production: Theresa Sullivan '12

    Theresa Sullivan (Director of Production) is a senior English major and Drama minor.  As Director of Production she takes care of the technical side of 3Ps, organizing production staffs, helping designers, and making sure that each production runs smoothly!  Outside of the board she's a stage manager, having logged many zany hours on every kind of show 3Ps offers.  Feel free to ask her any questions about 3Ps tech or stage management! What she'll tell you is this: even if you're stage managing the major and your snowday cue-to-cue gets busted by TUPD (... true life), the show will go on.

Treasurer: Lina Stolyar '12

    Lina Stolyar (Treasurer) is a senior Psychology major. As the Treasurer of 3Ps, she takes care of anything involving money (budgets, expenses, profits. You name it, she's on it!). Outside of the board, she's a producer who has worked on five different 3Ps Majors, a Bare Bodkin production and with the sketch comedy group, The Institute. In addition, she is a member of Surprise Teeth! cabaret. At the end of the day, Lina is just a hopeless romantic looking for a rich old man on the cusp of death who will leave all his money to her. Don't hesitate to ask her about 3Ps/treasury/producing/gold-digging.  


Media Archivist: Abby Setterholm '14

    Abby Setterholm (Media Archivist) is a sophomore who is majoring in International Relations. As the Media Archivist, she maintains this website (woo!) along with the 3Ps facebook group and twitter. Besides that, she is in charge of archiving each production. Abby secretly lives in Aidekman...she is always either working in the Drama Department office (stop by and say hi!), or in rehearsal for a show. Her remaining spare time is spent Irish dancing, acting in TUTV's In Motion, miming with HYPE! mimez, and watching BBC dramas. In her first year at Tufts, Abby worked on a 3ps major, a workshop, a department show, and a mime show. Ask her about anything! She loves talking about Tufts and theatre and stage managing!


Secretary: Michelle Wilson '12

    Michelle Wilson (Secretary) is a senior Art History and History major. As secretary, Michelle sends out all the emails you so look forward to reading all week long. If you have a question for the Board, want to share an announcement with the 3Ps community at large, or want to get involved, this is the girl to get in touch with! Michelle has spent some time on stage with both 3Ps and Torn Ticket II, but equally loves the time she spends backstage making y'all look pretty as a hair and makeup designer. Michelle loves to feed 3Ps members cookies.