3PROJH of Highest Heights and Terrance Terrace
You have now entered into the land of Highest Heights and Terrance Terrace.  Welcome to...inside the mind of 3PROJH,  Before we start, you must understand that there are a lot of doors in this realm that are locked to you.  They always will be.  However, there will be some wonderful windows for you to peek through and quite a few doors painted black that you are entreated to step through at any point on your quest.

I attempted to launch an internet radio station a couple of years ago, and it did not quite go as far as I wanted.  It is time to try again.  This time around, I am going to give you several choices to links that I have video and audio upload playlists.  Feel free to pick and choose your favorites.

top image: one of the lalibela temples
bottom image: upsidedown gun city block

lalibela image... photographer's rights and future reference to be sited APA style

upsidedown gun city block... copyright and all images respected to be sited in APA style
  Once you have visited here, please keep your radio playing, sit back, and think of all of the songs you would like to hear.  Once you come up with a play list or some helpful suggestions, email me at 3projh@gmail.com.  If you have music under copyright, please submit it so that I can put it into rotation.  Please tell a friend so that we can all benefit.  This radio station is intended to broadcast independent artists who will be heard on a global scale (royalties are included).

Some of my friends have heard of the Mafia Soy camp.  There are many recordings and productions that will be surfacing very soon, so please stay tuned and show your support.  This page will be the hub for videos, music releases, and special announcements.