Mutants and Masterminds

I've also began Game Mastering a game of Mutants and Masterminds. M&M is a rpg from Green Ronin. It is ultimately based on D&D but now in the 3rd edition the similarities are getting thing.

While you're here, get some Paper Standups for use in your games.

I have a further review of the game here, and some notes from my first adventure.

My four players played Deathstroke (in a heroic mercenary mood), Vortex (from the Sentinels), Speed Demon (the speedster archetype) and a stealthy talon-wielder tentatively named Raptor.

Last session, Vortex was unfortunately lost to the interdimensional void. But the Freedom League found themselves aided by an unseen force.

Our intrepid heroes have:

  • Joined up to investigate a group of strangely villainous Freedom Leaguers
  • Defeated these Biorobotic duplicates and their alien masters (Trashing Freedom Hall in the process)
  • Traveled to through dimensions to the far Citadel, home of the Star Knights to learn the whereabouts of the real Freedom League
  • Broken a siege and helped the Freedom League support the resistance against the invading Grue and their minions
  • Earned Probationary membership in the Freedom League while the rest of the League remains off world.
  • Fought off attacks of soldiers from Atlantis, thwarted a kidnapping attempt against Princess Thetis of Atlantis and recovered the ancient Crown of Triton
  • Went to Atlantis and defeated the usurper King Poseidon, installing Queen Thetis on the throne. Check out the free adventure writeup.
  • Tracked a suspicious murder of one of mob boss Johnny Oliverti's men (marked by twice puncture wounds on his neck) to a Russian Mob boss turned vampire, and then back to the source, Dracula.

Colonel Predalith, leader of the Grue's Koorn allies, in his mecha armor suit. Cleverly, our players avoided a direct slugfest with this armored beast. Mach 83 (aka Speed Demon) noticed the cockpit doors on the robot's chest, and Vortex and Deathstroke took the chance to attempt to teleport directly into the cockpit.

The desperate pilot tried to take cover by using the fire-suppression systems to fill the cockpit with foam, and attempted to fly off to avoid shake the heroes loose, but it was a futile gesture and the Colonel was defeated.

General Deimos, the leader of Atlantis's original invasion forces. He was tasked with finding the Crown of Trtion that King Theseus (Sea King) left in the care of the Freedom League..

When he was defeated by the Freedom League, he shockingly transformed into a lizardlike appearance. This transformation shocked some of his followers out of their trance as they recognized a Deep One, one of Atlantis's ancient enemies.

King Poseidon - A Deep one disguised as King Theseus's long lost brother. When King Theseus went missing, Poseidon declared himself king, using mental powers to wipe out Atlantis's memory of the rightful heir, Thetis. The Freedom League defeated him and returned the throne to Thetis.

The NextGen, Freedom City's team of teen superheroes. The Freedom League arrived to save the team, already injured and demoralized from their last mission, and prevented the Atlantis forces from capturing Nereid (aka Princess Thetis of Atlantis).

But the NextGen is getting too old for school. Who will replace them?

Dracula moved in to Freedom City, and turned a prominent Russian mob boss and her lieutenants into his family of vampires. The Freedom League stormed his mansion and took care of him, but discovered he'd also turned the hero Nightwing

Agents of SHADOW kidnapped Rhodes Foundation CEO, Antonio Cruz, and attempted to smear his name and sacrifice him while seeking a way in to the Scarab's secret lair. SHADOW leader, Umbral Knight, hoped to find ancient mystical power there and executed a two-pronged attack, taking Cruz prisoner and infiltrating the Rhodes Foundation as CFO Friedrich Jung to gain access to Cruz's offices and secrets.

I modified the damage chart in the back of the Hero's Handbook to also show the Damage DC, since HeroLab displays damage as the DC not the damage rank.

Finding appropriate miniatures for a superhero game is a lot harder than for a Dungeons and Dragons game. I've found Paper Standups to be a good substitute for miniatures. Find any image you want and put them on to this page of blank standups.

Need supervillains and other foes for your heros? Check out my Hall of Miscreants

WaterElemental by Malcolm McClinton, Werewolf by Ryan Sumo

Deimos built with HeroMachine

Other images used without permission,