French Country Pub Table

french country pub table
    french country
  • Large, solid, simple furniture and a primary color scheme of reds, blues, and bright yellows.  Sometimes called French Provincial.
    pub table
  • Any table that is 42" High (Standard Table height is 30")

0050 Jeremy Taylor
0050 Jeremy Taylor
His ‘Ag pleez Deddy’ was his famous contribution - will we ever forget!? My first meeting with Jeremy Taylor was in 1960, after a performance of Wait a Minim which was a pot pourri hotch-potch musical, put together by Leon Gluckman as a fill-in for a six week gap in Johannesburg’s Little Theatre’s booking schedule. Not one member in the cast, in their wildest dreams, expected it to go on to become one of South Africa’s most successful shows, touring not only Britain but also the United States. Jeremy, who was an ex-Eton school master who was teaching English at a Southern Suburbs school at the time. He had started to perform with his guitar at coffee shops in Hillbrow Johannesburg and was making quite a name for himself in this genre, as a satirical troubadour. His legendary “Ag pleez Deddy” being his most famous contribution to South Africa’s music scene, and this song went on to launch him into much bigger things both here and in Britain. Jeremy loved this country passionately, but after most of his songs had been banned by the SABC (and the apartheid government,) he returned to England and carved himself quite a career there, playing most of the then popular Folk clubs and touring several times as a support artist with the legendary Spike Milligan. Before he left for England he’d married Zelide Jeppe, a Johannesburg dancer-model friend of mine and who had been in the cast of Wait a Minim. they eventually had two sons, Caleb and Josh, who were born in England. Some months before he married Zelide however, I’d used her as a model and did the most beautiful nude studies of her. They were never intended for publication but quite naturally, Jeremy was most forthright and verbal in his protestation about this development. This altercation between us upset us both equally and seriously threatened our friendship, so I vowed never to ever use the pictures commercially, this seemed to appease him and we continued our friendship until they both left for the UK.. . . Eighteen years later, (having sadly parted from Zelide in the interim,) Jeremy was back in South Africa. Sandra Prinsloo the very well known PACT actress and my very good friend, surprised me greatly one evening at the Breytenbach Theatre, by telling me that not only was Jeremy back from the UK but also that they were ‘seeing each other’. . .They were living in a lovely old cottage on a beautiful farm out at Broederstroom, near the Hartebeestpoort Dam and at Sandy’s invitation I soon became a regular visitor. Accordingly, for the first time in years and thanks in part to my friendship with Sandra, I believe that Jeremy and I discovered that we had a kindred spirit and became close friends as we still are, to this day. Our bond and friendship over the years seems also to have been cemented by the fact that we have both had our fair share of sad, marital catastrophes. . . He has re-married and I visited him and his lovely wife Sonja in Wales in 1997, and again recently in 2006 in Courleon France, in the Loire valley, which is where they now call home. In spite of his seventy years, Jeremy is not only still performing his one-man cabaret, but is also playing in the United States. He has also written and performed a new French/English version of his show, for the locals. Our long friendship of forty seven years has endured and is something I cherish greatly. An amusing aside is when I visited him in Wales, I accompanied him on a recce to Bishop’s Castle and the Pub, “The Three Tuns” where he was to perform shortly, the following is an exerpt from my memoirs; “Jeremy and I plus his sound man Tony, went over one morning, for a recce of the place, and to organise the seating, positions for the sound-desk, lighting-board, and stage rostrum in the hall. We decided to have a pint of their wonderful home-brewed beer and a pub lunch in their very warm & cosy pub. During our lunch, and sitting at the next table, there was a very cute ‘girl’ of about 40/50(ish?) with short mousy-blonde hair, and very large, dark ‘shades’. Glances of a somewhat flirtatious nature soon started between us and Jeremy, noticing this typical Martin ‘trait’, whispered in my ear, ”Bob, don’t make a ‘poephol’ of yourself!, . . . that’s Julie Christie,. . . she lives down the road in Montgomery”. . . This of course only served to encourage me and the ‘glances’ between us, continued throughout the lunch. Eventually, she and her party got up to leave and I realised, to my added enchantment and surprise, that she was very much tinier than I’d imagined her to be, she had tiny feet and was slightly pigeon-toed which, for some reason I found especially enchanting, but she didn’t look anything like the Julie Christie I had seen and fallen in love with on the screen, based on “Far from the Madding crowd” which I had seen some 20 years before! As we all got up to leave we smiled at each other, (which made my day!) and we noticed that, on her way out, she had stopped to look at Jerem
What can I do to watch the Old Firm?
What can I do to watch the Old Firm?
Just a cultural point : the Old Firm is the biggest event in the scottish year (with Burns supper maybe). The Old Firm is the game between Celtic and Rangers, two teams based in Glasgow but two teams loved and hated everywhere through the country from Carlisle to John O'Groats. It is not only football, it is obviously much more than that in here. Three games to go, Celtic one point forward and I am employed on the farmers market in Dingwall on that saturday morning (with a nice hangover after a gig in Inverness on the previous night). Hair of the dog as they say : Donnie left the veggies and the fruits on the tables and comes with me and my three french coworkers to follow the big game in the Royal British Legion. I have to say I support the Rangers (too many blue noses friends, I even spent a week in Vancouver with that Rangers scarf, with the fear to find an Irish guy on my way, thks for it Iain). They won, I was not very sober at three in the afternoon (the game was at one o'clock!), big party in the Star Inn back home, good craic ! Top of the League! Parenthese culturelle : ce samedi 9 mai 2009, l'Ecosse ne traine pas dans les rues (en tout cas, moi j'ai lache le stand fruits et legumes au marche), plus gros evenement de l'annee, l'heure de la Old Firm. La Old Firm, ce n'est qu'un match de foot croiront certains alors que c'est evidemment beaucoup plus, ce sont deux equipes de Glasgow (Celtic en vert et Rangers en bleu), mais que les Ecossais se plaisent a adorer ou a detester des Lowlands aux iles Shetland. Premier pub en face de notre emplacement sur le marche, le Royal British Legion Social Club, alors dans ces cas-la, on n'est pres a devenir membre de la Legion pour une annee si on nous promet la pinte a moins de deux livres. L'Afghanistan attendra un peu par contre. Je dois faire mon coming-out : je supporte les Rangers ( ce n'est pas tres politiquement correct en fait, je pense qu'Amnesty International supporte le Celtic, soi-disant porteur de valeurs plus humanistes, genre l'IRA tout ca!). En tout cas, ce n'est pas ma faute a moi, c'est la faute a mes frequentations si j'en suis la, tous les amis d'Ardersier ont une photo d'Ibrox Park dans leur salon, j'ai meme du trainer dans Vancouver avec cette echarpe bleue qu'un pote glaswegian, Iain, m'avait confie le temps d'une semaine (je debarquais alors tout juste de mon ete neo-zelandais). Peur toute bleue aussi de croiser un Irlandais sur un trottoir canadien. Les Gers ont gagne, passe devant au classement, je n'ai pas vendu beaucoup de legumes ce jour-la a Dingwall, mais j'ai croise tous pleins de fraises et de raisins au pub, le Star Inn, a mon retour a Ardersier. Des matchs qui debutent a l'heure du dejeuner (histoire que les hooligans se tiennent bien devant les cameras au stade), ca fait des degats quand il faut aller diner. Good craic (c'est la version locale pour "ag ar choej"). "Top of the league!" (Tout le monde avait le droit de crier ca en debarquant feter la victoire de maison en maison).

french country pub table
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