Rubber Backed Outdoor Carpet

rubber backed outdoor carpet
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rubber backed outdoor carpet - Rubber-Cal Nottingham
Rubber-Cal Nottingham Rubber Backed Carpet Entry Mat - 2 x 3 feet - Brown Indoor Doormat
Rubber-Cal Nottingham Rubber Backed Carpet Entry Mat - 2 x 3 feet - Brown Indoor Doormat
The Nottingham 2 x 3 feet carpet mat is a medium-sized rubber backed carpet mat with a polypropylene surface that provides excellent floor protection by keeping interior areas clean and dry. It is ideal as an entrance rug or indoor doormat for all businesses and commercial establishments. The raised bevel edge of the rubber backing ensures minimal surface leaking. Naturally water resistant rubber traps moisture way from valuable subfloor surfacing. This absorbent mat is recommended for regions that experience continually heavy wet seasons, as dirty water tracked in from snow and rain can lead to dangerous slips and falls. By keeping interior floors free of moisture and debris, this carpet mat helps increase safety, reduce cleaning costs, maximize underfoot grip and traction, and increase the lifespan of current floors. These durable 2' x 3' mats are available in 4 different colors to match a range of interior decor.

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60,000 rubber ducks..
60,000 rubber ducks..
Over 60,000 rubber ducks floating down the williamette river during the Great Rotary Duck Race. 5 dollars was donated per duck or more than 300 thousand dollars was raised this year to fight child abuse. stats source: KVAL our local CBS station. © All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.
rubber duckies for sure
rubber duckies for sure
i see cute rubber ducks in these orchids.

it is the color, orange and yellow and the clean lines of the orchid petals.

it is fun to see what you see besides ...a yellow flower..
smiles :)

rubber backed outdoor carpet
rubber backed outdoor carpet
Rubber-Cal Wellington Entrance Carpet Mat - 18 x 30 inches - Tan Entrance Rug
The Wellington 18" x 30" Carpet mat is a small rubber backed carpet mat with a polypropylene surface that is excellent for keeping moisture and dirt away from indoor floors. It is ideal as a small indoor doormat or commercial rug mat in areas with heavy foot traffic. The textured polypropylene rug surface of this absorbent mat adds non-slip grip for safety, while the 100% rubber backing keeps the mat secured in place. The rubber backing also prevents collected water and mud from seeping into the subsurface, making it especially useful in areas with consistently heavy rain and snow conditions. By keeping indoor floors clean and dry, this rubber carpet mat also helps increase safety, reduce cleaning costs, maximize traction, and lengthen the lifespan of the underlying floor. These durable 18" x 30" mats are available in 4 different colors to match a range of interior decor.

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