Buy Wool Carpet. Carpet Runner For Stairs.

Buy Wool Carpet

buy wool carpet
    wool carpet
  • Wool carpet is beautiful, durable, natural and not that expensive. Surdel Flooring and Design Centre can show you just how versatile this type of carpeting can be.
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buy wool carpet - Anji Mountain
Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 3-Foot-by-5-Foot Silky Shag Rug, Ivory
Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 3-Foot-by-5-Foot Silky Shag Rug, Ivory
Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. Silky Shag rugs are uniquely stylish and beautiful. These rugs are incredibly soft with a natural sheen similar to cashmere and silk. Plush chenille shag area rug made of 80% bamboo-derived rayon/20% cotton blend with cotton/natural latex backing. Minimal initial shedding as compared to wool shags so your floors and living area stay clean. Dense pile provides luxurious style and silky soft fee. lAvailable in Ivory, Beige, Coffee Bean, Crimson and Black. Sizes include 3-foot by 5-foot, 4-foot by 6-foot, 5-foot by 8-foot, 8-foot round and 8-foot by 10-foot.

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Carpet buying
Carpet buying
After the tour, I did some rug shopping in Goreme. The owner of this shop, when we said we were from New York, said, "Oh, Brooklyn? I used to live on Dean Street." He sold me this semi-antique wool Kayseri rug, and Valerie took some silly pictures (with the actual goal of making sure the same rug was the one that arrived). It showed up in less than a week and is now, thanks to my friend Kate's excellent luggage cart and bungie-tying, in my living room. But I haven't spread it out yet because I'm waiting for the rug pad I ordered--so no pix yet.
Buy a British wool carpet!
Buy a British wool carpet!
They're certainly staying 'on-message'; they encourage readers to look at or choose a "British carpet" four times, and a "British Wool Carpet" once, too! From Homes and Gardens, July 1954.

buy wool carpet
buy wool carpet
Talking Dirty With The Queen Of Clean
Want to clean a coffeepot in a flash? Unclog a sink with a simple homemade solution ? Do away with microwave odors? Banish those dust bunnies?
Let her royal highness of housekeeping show you how to turn your home into a sparkling palace -- in no time at all!
Step aside, Martha...Here comes the Queen of Clean, and her down-to-earth housekeeping guide for those of us who live in the real world. After all, the Queen has better things to do than be a slave to housework. That's why she has assembled a marvelous collection of miraculous cleaning tips and surprising shortcuts that get the job done quickly and well. Without a lot of fuss, you can solve hundreds of cleaning challenges in every room of your home:
Remove dust, rust, gum, fingerprints, stains, odors, and mildew
Clean leather and upholstery, carpets, windows, walls, floors, kitchen appliances, grills, and more
Deal with damage form flooding and fire
The queen count her pennies too -- with inexpensive, environmentally friendly cleaning concoctions and ingredients you might never expect, including
Tea -- the wood cleaner you can drink!
The amazing rust-removing power of the onion
Lemon juice
Petroleum jelly
Baking soda
...and the five cleaning products you should never be without!
Let the Queen of Clean put an end to drudgery with her hints and solutions that get fabulous results -- fast!

Stand back, Heloise, here comes the Queen of Clean. Armed with both common sense and ingenuity, Linda Cobb made a name for herself on Morning, Arizona. For those of you who don't happen to live in Arizona, she has written this helpful little book. Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean tackles just about any household stain, stink, or accident you can think of.
"There are five cleaning products you should never be without," says the Queen, "and most of them are things you already have in your home." What are they? White vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, club soda, and Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover (her favorite brand). With these simple items, you can clean and deodorize nearly every room in your home, thereby saving money on expensive store-bought cleaners and reducing the amounts of chemicals in your home. Did you burn a casserole? Fill the dish with hot water, one tablespoon of baking soda, and soak. Try cleaning brass and copper with half a lemon sprinkled with salt. It should shine right up (and smell good, too).
The chapters are short and sweet, and besides the usual home/pet/kid/upholstery cleaning techniques, the Queen also tackles patio furniture, the grill, electronic equipment, plants, and smoke and water damage. Did you know you can distract grasshoppers by planting basil around your flowerbeds? They'll eat that and leave your flowers alone. Here's our favorite tip: when painting or washing walls, wrap washcloths or old rags around your wrists and secure them with rubber bands. When you lift your arms, the paint or water drips will be absorbed instead of running all the way down your arms. Keep this book handy. --Dana Van Nest

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