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Pictures Of Vases Of Flowers

pictures of vases of flowers
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Vase of Flowers - Jan van Huysum
Vase of Flowers - Jan van Huysum
Vase of Flowers 1722 Jan van Huysum Dutch, 1682-1749 Oil on panel "In this work, flowers from all times of year -- roses, anemonies, hyacinths, and tulips, among others -- have been painted directly from life. Van Huysum's painstaking application of multiple layers of thin oil glazes captures the brilliant colors and delicate textures of the petals. His vivid greens, however, were fugitive; here the leaves have faded to blue. Because he insisted on only painting each kind of flower while it was in season, it sometimes took the artist years to complete a picture."
flower vase
flower vase
This flower vase looks like a forest in a vase hence the caption. Nothing is in I figured with the red background I could make a HDR picture out of this vase. 3 exposure values +3,0 and -3. Tonemapped using Photomatix. Post processing done using Photoshop CS5.

pictures of vases of flowers
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