Each team will pay $10 to enter the double elimination tournament.The winning team will receive championship t-shirts and four $25 gift cards.  The 2nd place team will receive four $10 gift cards.

The rules are as follows:

Game time is forfeit time.

Game balls will be provided by the UTMB Alumni Field House. Nonmarking shoes are required for participation.

Games will be played to 16 and teams must win by two, however, the first team to reach 21 win be declared the winner. All games will have a 15 minute running clock. Each team will be awarded one (45 second) timeout per game. Teams must have a minimum of 3 players to start a game. Game Time Is Forfeit Time! Teams may have up to 4 players listed on their roster. Rosters may be altered until the close of tournament check-in.

Participation is open to all UTMB students. Individuals may only play for one team.

All baskets made inside the 3 point line (take-back area) will be scored as 1 point and offense will retain Possession (make it take it). Baskets made beyond the 3 point arc will be scored as two points. Games will be played to 16 and teams must win by two, however, the first team to reach 21 win be declared the winner. Teams are required to keep track of their own points! Technical fouls and flagrant fouls will be awarded two points to the opposing team.

A coin flip will be used to determine which team will begin with the ball at mid-court. Games will be played using a “winner’s out” or “make it take it” format, in which following a made basket, possession will remain the same. Following all made baskets the ball must be checked in at the mid-court line. The offensive player must pass the ball into play. All fouls and violations will be played out of bounds at the top of the court. Out of bounds balls will be played from the mid-court line and must be checked in as well. Following a missed basket or steal that results in a change of possession, the ball must always be taken back beyond the 3 point (takeback) line. Violations will only be called should the offending team score a basket. Should the violating team score a basket, the point will be removed from the scoreboard and a change of possession will take place at mid-court.

Player substitution may take place on all dead ball situations.

All player fouls and violations will be the sole responsibility of the offended player. Only the person fouled may call the foul. After foul is called, the ball is returned to the offensive team at mid-court.

· Keep teammates and fans up-to-date on all current rule changes and policies.
· Act as the sole voice for your team.
· Keep control of all players and fans.
· Ensuring all teammates are eligible under the George Mason Intramural Rules and Regulations.