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Do you need some coaching?
Are you searching for some support?

How much time do you spent online?
Where do you use the internet for?
What do you need to go more offline? 

You can have what you want (within reason).

Creating - Meaningful conversations
Connecting Dynamic Duo's 
Creating a mission / vision / urge to work together / Changing thoughts and feelings into creations ...
Choose to learn & know how to live, Choose to unlearn the habbits - rituals - patterns,.. Learn to let go.

. Creating positive thoughts, feelings, experiences, ...
- Changing personal behavior - Letting go of patterns. Losing the old you, finding the new you, Be who you are.
- Communicating problems and changing the proces into solutions and solvability strategy.
- Connecting to people, Learn how to communicate with other people
- Creating change by giving choices to people, Helping others to understand the situation and the prospect towards a better way.
- Comfort Zone and Communication, In the box is in the circle, Out the box thinking and getting out of your negative circle. learning to let go. Silence and respect training.

Online you can find a lot of information about GODOGOODStijn Gabeler and the intentions to help charity world wide.

Go to 

RESUMÉ of Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler

Participated in Idols 2002 on the Dutch Television 
and confronted the jury with his performance and vision about the future.
This experience also impacted the way Stijn looked towards rejections
Learning to let go, staying positive and being who you are a few of the main missions in life.
But finding your strength and getting beyond the past in finding your own personal power 
is something you can learn, by connecting to the source : your own energy, your dreams 
and the way you communicate towards yourself and others. 
What is your story? What are the things you say to others? What is it you want and need?

Stijn tried to show that it's not nice to be negative about other people.

His hopes was to make songs for charity and perform.
See the audition :


The song Stijn tried to perform was : You've got a friend - Carol King 
Stijn also tried the song IF by Bread during the casting / 


Stijn's most favorite video is a video made by friends and family for his birthday.
This gives him a smile and energy and always remembers him that there are people who do care


Stijn started to make online video's - published many pictures and produced podcasts and writings on blogs and sites since the beginning of internet.

His goal/mission to help charity world wide never stopped, but during the years Stijn also decided to focus on being a journalist, since 2018 Stijn is a veganist.

Here's - One song -  MENT2bSONG   published by Stijn ..


a bit more inspiration ...
Watch this :