IOT - Internet Of Things 

What You Need to Know About The Inner Workings of IoT.


The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, 
mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people 
that are provided with unique identifiers ( UIDs ) and the ability to transfer data 
over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.




Wat wil jij weten?
Data Management For The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) can not only help you get ahead today, 
its powerful outcomes and analytics can propel your business far into the future.

Junior IOT bus / StarWarsBus
In technology workshops from Marco van Schagen you can experience today’s technology. 
Before you walk into this converted city bus (StarWarsBus), 
you already know: This will not be an ordinary day! 

Marco van Schagen creates a safe place to work with other visitors, 
a place for a challenge in themes such as design, 
programming, soldering, Arduino, 3D drafting, 
3D printing, electronics, mechatronics. 

Junior IOT is exactly this: discovering your inspiration,
 acquiring the technology of today and developing skills 
for the challenges of tomorrow.

Co-learning and co-creation at Junior IOT in Alkmaar
A creative vibe in IOT has been stirring around in Alkmaar, where juniors are invited to work on technology and skills for the current century. Participation is based on free access. However a payment for such possibilities is expected - patricipants pay by teaching and helping each other, and by ensuring that the workspace evolves further into a positive co-learning space. Junior IOT has a focus on electronics and soldering, Arduino and programming, 3D designing and 3D printing. (generic link)
Each year a new IOT-style challenge is designed for a mixed group of students from different schools. These challenges help to further define and expand the  culture. In "Balloons Up" as a first challenge, students worked for 8 weeks to create a Lora GPS tracker balloon, able to track this over a distance of 100's of kilometers. (add link here)
The second challenge escalated in a Smart City data collection end-game where teams used their self-built sensor devices to conquer segments of the city on the map. (add link here)
For the latest challenge, teams took part in the Junior IOT Battlebot battle, demonstrating (and fighting) the wifi-controlled robots which they built in 8 weeks. (add link to cool movie)
These challenges are built from existing Junior IOT lessons and workshops. And from each challenge, new workshops evolve! The IOT for Beginners workshop is a spin-off from results from both the Ballons Up event and the Smart City end-game. Participants are introduced to soldering and programming, and will build a working GPS tracker to keep. (link to cool movie)
Having learned the basics, participants are welcome to join the Junior Saturday open floor, and the Senior IOT Café to further collaborate, build and evolve. - as movie maker and participant in the latest junior projects - promotes the same co-learning and co-creation goals, so please follow this channel to keep updated. Go do good!

A personal introduction into IOT
You may recognize the same - for a few years I have been interested in IOT, but was overwhelmed with the diversity in information and options. How to get started? 
For me, the moment I discovered the Junior IOT workspace my interest in IOT got a new perspective. Out of the many, many options the team has selected one compelling approach. Based on the freely accessible TTN Lora network, and out of very bare and basic components we built a personal GPS tracker. Working with the raw materials, tools, technology and software, in this workshop I have experienced the complete start-to-end creation of my very own IOT device!
On this page you see all the links which help me in my personal journey in discovering "What is IOT for me".

IOT for Beginners, the GPS tracker we created:
- "the old project explanation" (link to
- measurements can be visible in official RIVM map (link)
- data visible on the game map: (link to  
(picture of icon on the map)
- GPS strings explained (link)
 (video of streaming gps output)
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