When an idea comes to your mind, 

Do not always run to your phone, tablet or computer.

 Business Plan : 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Have I created a well working customer database?
  • What systems do I have in place to foster a relationship with my customer?
  • How are customers interacting with my products/services?
  • How often do customers have to contact me, and what for?
  • What information am I pushing out to my customers?
  • What do I know about my customer?
  • Does each of my paid customers have their own profile?
  • What do your customers love/hate about your business?
  • Where are customers spending most of their time in my business? 
  • Doing what?
Do not underestimate the sense of simplicity!

Together we can design online solutions.
Introduce PEOPLE into the project, involve them, and give them space!

Goal / Mission
Design and create Web applications, apps and online content.
Publishing tools or support for journalists world wide.

Help us to create 3N17NO.ONLINE

Let's start from scratch and learn/study >

Don’t Think That It’s A Waste Of Time

Learn How to Design Apps

1. Take mobile screenshots of well designed apps and recreate them.

2. Download an Apple or Android GUI.

3. Go to the source.

4. Preview your designs on the right screen.

Designers and Developers Can Be Friends

Designers and developers need each other’s skills to actually build a great product
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Let's start to do brainstorm sessions