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Valco Baby Products

valco baby products
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  • Valco was a prolific manufacturer of guitars, guitar amplifiers, and other musical instruments from the 1940s through 1968.
  • Volta Aluminum Company, known as Valco, is an aluminium company based in Ghana. Valco is an affiliate of Alcoa, the major aluminum conglomerate based in the United States.
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valco baby products - Valco Baby
Valco Baby Tri-Mode Single Toddler Seat Canopy
Valco Baby Tri-Mode Single Toddler Seat Canopy
Valco Baby Tri-Mode Single Toddler Seat CanopyThe canopy clips into the toddler seat to give shelter from the rain and sun. Fold it back when not needed, extend it to provide protection.Product Dimensions: 26" x 19" x 6" Product Weight: 2 lbs. Special Safety Note: Consumer Reports recently identified a potential safety risk with the optional/removable grab bar on this model. A voluntary safety standard requires that an unharnessed child’s head must be able to pass through the space between the grab bar and the stroller seat. Valco Baby is currently at work on a solution enabling this model to meet that standard. For those concerned about the possible risk while Valco works on a design solution, simply remove the bar and always use the five-point safety harness. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to order a new optional front bar please feel free to contact Valco Baby at or call 1-800-610-7850.

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Goya-branded guitar made by Valco,1962
Goya-branded guitar made by Valco,1962
From a 1962 catalogue - another variation on the Dual Tone, with a strange control layout - looks like the same body shape as my unbranded black + gold Valco. Has pickups set deep into body, and a zero fret. Tailpiece is a Hagstrom part, everything else looks Valco to me.
Vintage English and US made guitar amplifiers Tube Supro Oahu Valco Selmer amps
Vintage English and US made guitar amplifiers Tube Supro Oahu Valco Selmer amps
National Supro Oahu Valco VOX Watkins Selmer Gourley McKinney amps Vintage guitar amplifiers

valco baby products
valco baby products
Astro High Chair by Valco Baby - Aqua
Astro High Chair by Valco Baby - AquaPerfect for today`s urban lifestyle, the chic Astro High Chair simply does what a compact high chair should do...with style. It`s large and super soft, easycare seat and deep adjustable, removable tray affrm the Astro’s place as a venerable fusion of comfort and convenience. Whether going to visit Grandma or hosting a bustling party in your ‘cramped’ kitchen, the simple effectiveness of the unique and flat fold system of the Astro High Chair will help transform that hectic time to one of simple ease.Features:-Super compact fold-Light weight 15 lbs-Adjustable & Removable deep tray-Safety T-Bar & Locking hinge-5 point harness-Conforms to USA Safety Standard ASTM F404-Extra Tray and Travel bag availableRecommended Use:Age: 6 months +User Limit: 44 lbsProduct Dimensions:High Chair Height: 37.8Seat Back Height: 16.5Seat Width: W:11.8“ x L:9Fold: L:31.5 x W:22.4 x H:6.7

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