Toys for 5 month old babies : Baby hospital feral child.

Toys For 5 Month Old Babies

toys for 5 month old babies
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Mathilde News: 3 February 2011 - 2 Months Old
Mathilde News: 3 February 2011 - 2 Months Old
Dear Family, I am two months old today. I am so big already! Last Saturday I weighed 5.3 kg, that is nearly 2 kg more than when I was born. The layers of fat are piling on, yay! My parents call me Little Boudha. Two weeks ago, Grandma Anne left Beirut to return to Brussels and I was really sad that she left. She helped my mum and dad so much when I was born, she saved me from the chair when I did not want to stay there and she showed my mum how to wash me and take care of me. She made lots of toys and clothes for me. I love them all, especially the two monkeys, the ladybug on the cube d'eveil and the mobile on my chair. I also like the knitted hand-puppet with the big black eyes. He is French speaking. Anyway, my Grandma Anne was wonderful!. I will see her soon though so I look forward to that. Lots has happened since I was one month old. I hold my head up for a long time now. I coo and make noises trying to talk to mum and papa'. I am so strong on my legs and love to stand up straight while being held. I also sleep through the night, waking up once around 3am for a midnight snack, yummy. Two days ago I smiled while in the bath, it was the first time. My mummy received by post from the US a Moby Wrap, which she uses mainly at home and when she goes out. I love it so much I fall asleep instantly in it. Sometimes, I cry in the evenings which is normal for my age. My parents have discovered that by switching on the vacuum cleaner, I instantly stop crying and relax. Here is a photo of my papa' and I next to the hoover. My parents have also decided to give me the bath in the evenings after dinner so it distracts me from crying! And I have to make a major public announcement: I poo regularly each morning and mid-morning as of a few days ago! My Grandpa calls me a "pooping machine". My mum is very happy about that although she does regret somewhat those days I was pooing every 7 days, much less nappies to wash! My Grandpa Alan arrived in Beirut last week to visit me. He brought me lots of things from Australia, such as Australian t-shirts for when I am one or two, a bush shirt for my future adventures in the bush and some interesting fury animals like a bird called Kookaburra (which sings when you press it), a Kangaroo with its baby in the pouch and a Walabi dressed in rugby clothes! Grandpa helped my mum this week by staying with me while she went to various appointments like a physiotherapist for her back (she gets pain in her back from breastfeeding and carrying me all the time) and the dentist. I just sleep on Grandpa while he paces the corridor of the hospital or the streets of the neighbourhood near the dental clinic (It is cold these days in Beirut so I wear my woolen hats that Grandma Anne knitted for me). I smile at him each morning. He tells me about our future safaris in South Africa, I can't wait! I will have the opportunity to see a Zebra in real life (btw, I love the Zebra on my wall, I look at him all the time). Anyway, here are some recent photos of me. Love Mathilde xxx
12 months old!
12 months old!
Wow, our little baby is no longer a little baby! What a wild ride this last year has been. In one way it feels like he's been with us forever, because we really can't remember what it was like to not have Elliott in our lives. But on the other hand it seems like just a few weeks ago that I was having unbearable labor pain up at OHSU. We both agree that we can't imagine a world without Elliott August Cely in it. What a horrible world that would be! I don't know where to start talking about all of the little milestones he's made this last month. There are so many! Let's see... the other day he signed "dada," his first sign. We haven't been very good about teaching him signs, but this one Ian just started teaching him. He also said "bye-bye" while waving at Dada as he left the house. It's funny, he waved twice when he was around 5 months old at total strangers, then didn't so much as lift his hand until this month. Now he waves bye-bye a lot. Even though he's not yet walking, he gets around quite well with crawling and pulling himself up on things. He does like to walk while hanging onto our hands, but as soon as even one of the hands moves away he gets worried, stops walking, and cries out for it. He's getting to be quite the wild child when he's in the mood. He loves wrestling! He has never really been into stuffed animals until lately when he discovered how fun it is to wrestle them. He especially loves to wrestle his teddy bear, but even more loves wrestling his Dada with the bear. Elliott has really been into reading. He loves it when we read to him, and examines all of the pictures, then turns the page when he's done. Often times he'll crawl to his bookshelf and pull book after book off, opening them and looking at the pages. He even knows which way a book should face and turns it the right way if it's upside down. He also really loves motorized vehicles of all kinds. It only took us one time of showing him the sound a car makes for him to use it every time he plays with a toy truck, sees one on TV, or sees one on the road. He can entertain himself for awhile by pushing his toy cars around making a "bbbbbrbbbbbbrbbbbbbbbrb" sound. Oh boy does he love music. He's started really shaking his adorable little tush whenever a song comes on. This morning for his birthday we took him to a concert for kids at a local coffee shop. He loved dancing up on the stage with the big kids. We're leaving on a road trip to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning. He'll meet a bunch of Ian's family there, we'll hopefully do some snowshoeing, and hopefully go into southern Utah to play in the desert. One year down, many many more to come!

toys for 5 month old babies
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