Baby Names That Mean Joy

baby names that mean joy
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  • The most popular given names vary nationally, regionally, and culturally. Lists of widely used given names can consist of those most often bestowed upon infants born within the last year, thus reflecting the current naming trends, or else be composed of the personal names occurring most within
  • the emotion of great happiness
  • rejoice: feel happiness or joy
  • gladden: make glad or happy
  • A feeling of great pleasure and happiness
  • A thing that causes joy

Sunday, July 18, 2010-October 27, 2010 10:35 PM<3
Sunday, July 18, 2010-October 27, 2010 10:35 PM<3
Kyle Nathaniel Lamarca, baby you are my life; i don’t know what i would do with out you. i love you with all my heart more then you think. every time i see your brown eyes i melt like i have never seen something so beautiful in my life before. the way you look at me when you say i love you; i know that you mean it with everything that you have inside that beautiful heart that is inside of your body, and i know that you would not lie to me. i know that the past was kinda rough and we had some rough times but that is making us stronger as we keep on going in our relationship. we started out bad; when i met you that is. when we were at the Sandusky speed way and you were with my brother and you called me a bitch and i didn’t like you from the start. and then you became best friends with my brother so i had to get use to you being around because you were there for my brother and i respected that. after having to deal with your smart ass remarks to me and dealing with you picking on me. i kinda got use to you being around and even though you still picked on me and made my life a living hell when i was with you and Dan you guys still let me hang out and do things with the two of you and you guys never complained about me always wanting to hang out and be with you guys to spend time with you; and Dan. then the one day; i texted Shawn asking him a question and i had a random number text me saying leave Shawn alone. i thought that it was his girlfriend or something but no it was you. we talked a little and then you said i love you sis, i thought it was the cutest thing ever because i have never heard you say that to me. and then i went to john durfeys house to hang out with dan and john. you looked very upset; i told you i would call you because i wanted to talk to you and i ended up falling asleep later that night and forgot to call you. the next day i seen you again and you asked me why i didn’t call you and i told you it was because i fell asleep; then we kinda got to talk about what was going on and what was bothering you. and i wanted to be there for you. and then the few days after that i was just having bad days doubting that i was going to find love; and i was always just going to get hurt and you told me that there was someone out there and i had to just wait it out and it would come and it might be right in front of me and i may of not known it. you told me that i had a good heart and that i could go and make my dreams come true you brought me hope and made my days better; then you always brought up that my true love might be right in front of my eyes. then finally you said that you have liked me for awhile. and then i had to ask you again because i was in a state of shock because no one really knew but for about 8 months i liked you i just didn’t say anything because i didn’t think that you liked me or would have ever had it cross your mind to ever like me, but i was wrong. you liked me when i liked you i still didn’t think that i had a chance with you because you have so much more potential then me; and you where nineteen i didn’t think that you would go after a fifteen year old like me i thought i was only like a sister to you. but then i went to my friend briana’s me and her were fighting in the past and it was the first time in a long time that we even talked and she invited me over and it was her birthday, i explained to her how i liked you and how i never thought that you would like me and that i tried to hide it the best i could and she still said the way i look at you she could tell that i had feelings for you. and like you said you were best friends with my brother and i am his little sister you didn’t wanna betray him and do something behind his back that he may not like. and you did get permission from Dan and now he has given is the permission that he wants us to be together for the rest of my life and your’s also; and he gave me permission to give you all of me and when the time is right you will have all of me; and then the most amazing this in life happened to me you asked me out on briana’s birthday on are reunited friendship day; and that is the day i became part of your life more then just a friend. its the day that i will never forget and the day that means the most to me; not only because i love you with all my heart, but it just brought me and briana closer also; and i wanna thank you for that. for everything that you have done for me, and making me who i am today. every time i would get a text from you even before i found out that you liked me; i got unbelievable butterflies; and the day that you asked me out was the most amazing-life changing day of my life. we were just like your normal couple trying to get by in life with someone there for one another and i felt myself falling in love with you. i was scared when i realized this because i never thought that you would love me. and then i found a picture; a picture that explained a lot of how i felt; it might of been a little saying
Dear Lael
Dear Lael
Dear Lael… It breaks my heart that you will never be able to read or understand this letter. But you know all about broken hearts, right? You arrived into this world with one…a broken heart, I mean. It was a time when you should have been cuddled warm and safe, resting against your mother’s breast. But they ripped open your brand new chest and hooked you up to tubes…to save your life, I guess. Your broken little heart… We could only touch you through plastic gloves fused to the little chamber in which you lived out your first days on this planet…all alone. No one could caress your skin or draw you close and welcome you with love to this world. Poor kid… When I saw you, you looked more like Frankenstein’s creation than a brand new baby. **sigh** Oh, Lael. So. You’re “autistic.” I don’t know if God made you that way…or if the drugs and the hospitals did it. I don’t even viscerally understand what “autistic” is. But I do know you see the world differently than the rest of us. I know you have to cover your ears when you flush a toilet because the sound is too loud for you. I know you laugh for reasons I will never comprehend and that you talk endlessly to yourself in a language only you can understand. Is it because you feel alone? Is “alone” is a way of life for you? I know you eat the food Sheree prepares for you like you are eating for three kids and that you point to bananas and say “I want…baanaaanaa” and it is simply impossible for me not to give it to you because however faintly, the curtain between you and me has, for an instant, opened and I can understand you. **sigh** Oh, dear Lael. I don’t know what you see. I wish I did. I really want to. You were throwing handfuls of small stones into the air in a playground and watching them intently as they fell. Then you spread your arms wide and cried out with joy at something I cannot understand or see. I saw falling rocks. What did you see? You can’t tell me, can you? …no. You can’t. We’ve had you since Thursday. How I wish we could speak the same language…if only for a few minutes, so you could explain what the world looks like to you! Yesterday, I had to drive your big sister to camp. Time was ticking away and I was acutely aware of the approaching deadlines. You, meanwhile, were splashing about all by yourself in a wading pool the staff had decided moments before, to clean. All the other children were gone. Only you remained, splashing happily in the water. I called to you. I KNOW you heard me. But you ignored me and continued splashing. Since I hate being ignored, I started to getting annoyed with you…after all any SANE person could see I was in a hurry, right? Then I watched as the playground attendant approached you. She reached forward to pull you from the water. That’s when I splashed into the water in my sandals to “rescue” you. My heart went out to you in that second, little boy, along with a profound sense of guilt for my self-absorbed annoyance. How can you reasonably be expected to understand why you have to leave a pool you’ve just been allowed to enter? Here’s a surprise: it doesn’t make sense to me either, kid. But I wanted to crash into that playground attendant. I would have knocked her down, if I had to…to keep her from touching you. Instead I said: “He’s autistic. Back off.” “…that’s okay…” she said uncertainly, like she had any inkling of who you were. But she didn’t. Of course she didn’t. My heart broke for the umpteenth time as I drew you out of the water and brought you gently into the cold air. With my sandals squishing wetly, I took you to Sheree, who enveloped your trembling body in a towel. I still don’t know who you really are, Lael, precious grandson of mine. How I wish I did! I know your parents gave you your name because it means “of God.” That you ARE of God, I have no doubt. You are a mystery to me as He so often is. But nonetheless, you are irrefutably there…indisputably a part of my life…as is He. But frankly, there are times when I can’t figure either of you out. So that’s why this image also breaks my heart, kid. I see joy in your face…but I have not the slightest idea what put it there. Falling rocks? I don’t get it. I’m so sorry. I know you don’t understand the hugs Sheree and I give you because when we hold you close, your eyes are focussed on something faraway that we cannot see. You endure these hugs as you endured the cold air on your wet skin. But we love you, Lael. We will watch over you, little guy. Ferociously, if need be. I promise. Love… Tito

baby names that mean joy
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