How To Clean Plastic Toys

how to clean plastic toys
    plastic toys
  • Plastic Toys are an electro-rock band formed in late 2003 based in Southampton, UK. The 4-piece group are made up of Jon Plastic (Vocals/Guitars), Alex Howe (Bass), Si Jackson (Guitars) and Ben Coley (Drums).
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  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
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  • free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
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  • clean and jerk: a weightlift in which the barbell is lifted to shoulder height and then jerked overhead
how to clean plastic toys - I Am
I Am Plastic: The Designer Toy Explosion
I Am Plastic: The Designer Toy Explosion
In barely a decade, the designer toy craze, which originated in Hong Kong, has taken the world by storm. Children and adults, celebrities and design aficionados now line up to pay anywhere from five dollars to thousands of dollars for these highly inventive designer creations.

I Am Plastic provides a colorful visual history of the phenomenon, which has energized not only the toy world but the global art community as well. Fashion designers, comic book artists, underground illustrators, graffiti and fine artists now lend their creativity to the task of coming up with innovative and striking new toy designs. Artists and toys featured in this stunning overview include Frank Kozik, Dalek, Gary Baseman, Bounty Hunter, Junko Mizuno, Jason Siu, Devilrobots, and Pete Fowler.

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How to manage Pet Crickets
How to manage Pet Crickets
These are two crickets we got at the Pet Market in Beijing. I let them out at least once a day for exercise. Small tip- put a warm cloth in their cage after they've had a walk. They lick their feet all the time and if they pick up dust etc, they'll get sick. Warm 'footbaths' help keep them clean. They’re lifespan in 100 days. In Chinese they’re called ‘e-bai gougur’, i.e. 100 day insects. Crickets are very popular in China, for example, our taxi driver had two with him, lovingly kept in a small gourd inside his shirt. They chirp all day long and keep him company. A few things I learnt since we got them. Talk to them and they come to life. They sleep a lot. Usually handing upside down. They respond to music, esp soft rhythms and classical, not hard rock. They sing when lonely, looking for a mate, or when threatened. Don’t use a flash if taking photos. They have no eyelids and get blinded/stunned. Don’t put them together. They fight for dominance. Don’t try to hold them – you’ll snap their legs by accident. Caress them away from you, i.e. outwards; go with the grains, so to speak. Don’t give them cucumber – it gives them diarrhea. I know... They bite, so be careful. Doesn’t break the skin, but surprising all the same. They like to be entertained, so a few twigs, wooden swings, and other small things amuse them. Avoid plastic toys as they will try to eat it. And don’t put water in their cage. They drown very easily. Carrots and other fruits are usually enough. Any questions, drop me a line.
Willys Jeep Motorised Toy Made In Hong Kong By Toys : Restoration - 2 of 7
Willys Jeep Motorised Toy Made In Hong Kong By Toys : Restoration - 2 of 7
This little toy jeep had broken parts, even the motor had seized. So I got to work on bringing It to life. I first took It all apart, cleaned the motor got that working, I then made a new window and canopy for It out of some of my recycled plastic and hard cardboard bits and pieces. Once I did that I put It all together and painted It with emulsion and acrylic paints, black emulsion base and acrylic dark brown for the rusty dirty weathered look. It's a pretty old one from Hong Kong, really nice detail, plus the white cable on this Is very long, that's very good, with modern ones that came after this type of toy the cables were always short. I made a little video of It to show you the complete model, plus how well It's working, I hope you enjoy It. :)

how to clean plastic toys
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