How To Clean My Dog's Ears

how to clean my dog's ears
    dog's ears
  • (Dog's ear) Dog ears is an informal name for folding the corner of pages to mark where you are in a book, as opposed to using an actual bookmark.
    how to
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how to clean my dog's ears - For Animals
For Animals K9 Ear Solutions - 12 oz - Liquid
For Animals K9 Ear Solutions - 12 oz - Liquid
For Animals K9 Ear Solutions K-9 Ear Solutions is a safe and effective aid in maintaining good ear hygiene. Deodorizes and cleans odors associated with ears; is designed for use after bathing or swimming. K-9 Ear Solutions soothes ears. Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Boric Acid, Gentian Violet, Colloidal Silver. Indications: Specially formulated solution to clean, dry, and deodorize the ear canal. Directions For Use: Shake Well. Hold ear open. Pour solution into ear and fill canal. Put cotton ball into ear to absorb excess solution and prevent staining. Massage ear, then remove cotton ball. Repeat for other ear. If necessary, liquid can be applied directly to the cotton ball or cloth, then rubbed in ear. For severe problems, apply twice daily for 2 weeks, then once daily for one week. Always apply after swimming. For maitenance of healthy ears, use weekely. Other Uses: Apply with cotton ball to toes and nails beds where excessive licking is a problem. May also be applied to hot spots and minor skin eruptions. CAUTION: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN, KEEP OUT FOR EYES. WILL STAIN HAIR, CARPET, WALLS, AND CLOTHING.

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corn cutting in amish country
corn cutting in amish country
Take, as a sample, two hausfraus chatting sociably across a market stall. "And is your mother living yet?" With mournful air the other shakes her head. "Not yet!" she answers. And that gives you just a slight idea of English as she's spoke among the Pennsylvania Dutch! Take, now, that classical expression uttered by a youngster watching as a freight train rumbled by: "Mom, ven it comes a little red box, why then the train's all, ain't?" His actual words-I have an ear witness to prove it! Consider, too, the watchman who in days gone by went bawling through the streets at midnight.- "Twelf o'glock-all's well Makes somesing down like a drizzle!" They sound incredible to outland ears, their weird distortions of the English tongue. But not so weird, perhaps, when you remember that your Pennsylvania Dutchman has three languages to wrestle with. He has the German of his hymnbook and his Bible, brought by his forefathers from their native lands and used tiH fairly recently in church and school; he has the dialect he speaks at home; and worst of all-to him-he has the language taught him in our schools today. No wonder he's thoroughly con- fused at times, and gets the order of his English words all mixed up with the order of his mother tongue! He "goes the road up" and he "turns the gate in", and he "goes to work and does" a thing, no matter how uncomplicated it may be. "I gif you right" is how he tells you he agrees with you. "Oy, anyhow!" implies complete amazement. "Yes, it wonders me I" or "I was wonderful sick last week", or even (cross my heart!), "It wonders me wonderful I" He speaks of a "toot" instead of a paper bag, and talks about a "herschel" when he means a storm. He warns you to watch out for "blutzes", me bumpy places. And, just as Pennsylvania Dutch itself includes some English words, so, vice versa, your bewildered linguist scatters dialect expressions through his English with a carefree hand. "It kreistles me", he'll tell you, meaning that it makes him shudder. "Now stop rutsching roundl" he scolds his small boy fidgeting upon a bench. And, "Sadie, your hair's strubley", is his way of telling little daughter that her crowning glory isn't sleek and smooth. "He's such a doppel!" brands a person as awkward, a schussel is the name he gives a careless, lazy one. Examples of this Pennsylvania Dutch idea of English could be cited until doomsday. "Ach, don't talk so dumb!"-"Go make the door shut"-"Wait until I make my dirt away" (clean up)-"Outen the light" -"It happened in the hind part of July"-"The bell don't make." With all these pitfalls of the English language waiting to engulf him, it's hardly to be wondered that one old farmer felt the way he did about the whole confounded business. Coming home from work one evening to be told an English speaking person wished to see him, he let out a gusty sigh. "Ach, such a dog's lifel" he remarked disgustedly. "Work hard all day I must, then in the evening I speak English yet!" Excerpted from Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery, J, George Frederick, 1935, The Business Bourse
Cotyledon orbiculata (Dog's Ears)
Cotyledon orbiculata (Dog's Ears)
Cotyledon orbiculata Common name: Dog's Ears Family: Crassulaceae. This is a well-known medicinal plant. The fleshy part of the leaf is applied by many South Africans to soften and remove hard corns and warts. The Southern Sotho use a dried leaf as a protective charm for an orphan child and as a plaything. In the Willowmore District, the heated leaf is used as a poultice for boils and other accessible inflammations, in particular, earache. In some areas a single leaf is eaten as a vermifuge. The juice has been used to treat epilepsy. Seen at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

how to clean my dog's ears
how to clean my dog's ears
Oti-Clens Cleaning Solution for Dogs (4 oz)
Oti-Clens is a non-irritating ear-cleaning agent for use in dogs. Non-toxic; does not irritate tissue or retard healing.Facilitates routine ear examinations and otic health, particularly for long-eared canine breeds prone to ear infections and entrapment of foreign matter. Eliminates ear wax that might obscure mites, weeds and other organic matter. Dosage: Apply liberally to the ear. Massage the base of the ear. Clean the accessible portion of the ear with a cotton ball following administration of OTI-CLENS. Repeat procedure if necessary. Use once or twice weekly on a routine basis. OTI-CLENS may be used up to 3 times daily over extended periods.

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