3. Tolosa (The Basque Country)

Our Flemish and Sardinian partners have been with us in Tolosa, and we have had a wonderful time.

On our first day, our headmaster Kepa Goikoetxea welcomed our guests:

We carried out some dynamics to let students meet each other:

Besides, Tolosa's mayor, Olatz Peon, welcomed the project officially at the Town Hall:

Here is a video that the media published about this event.

During the exchange, we carried out some of the project activities using ICT like google drive or Dotsub. We worked on the multilingual guide, and we started recording the expressions in the different languages. At the beginning they found the procedure quite complex, but they all learned how to do it and we are proud to say that much of the work was accomplished successfully:

We also translated a Basque song into Dutch. It had previously been translated into Sardinian and English, and this was the song that our Flemish and Sardinians learnt so that we could sing it altogether during the farewell party.

But apart from working, we also wanted our guests to know a little bit about the Basque country. We visited Donostia, Zugarramurdi, Baiona and we had a great time. Here is a video which shows some of the most enjoyable moments of the exchange: