Terrazzo Floor Restoration

terrazzo floor restoration
    terrazzo floor
  • Terrazzo is a faux-marble flooring or countertopping material.
  • restitution: getting something back again; "upon the restitution of the book to its rightful owner the child was given a tongue lashing"
  • the act of restoring something or someone to a satisfactory state
  • The action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition
  • The process of repairing or renovating a building, work of art, vehicle, etc., so as to restore it to its original condition
  • The reinstatement of a previous practice, right, custom, or situation
  • the reign of Charles II in England; 1660-1685
terrazzo floor restoration - 3 PACK
3 PACK Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer And Finish (96 oz. - 32 oz. each Bottle) Petrochemical-Free Formula
3 PACK Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer And Finish (96 oz. - 32 oz. each Bottle) Petrochemical-Free Formula
One application of this industrial-strength, petrochemical-free formula fills in scratches and rejuvenates dull spots on sealed wood, vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, marble and slate floors. Floor Renew goes on just like a wax and dries to a brilliant finish that lasts for months. Protects floors from stains, heel marks and yellowing without buildup. 32 oz. - Bottle renews 625 square feet. Made in the USA.

* One easy to apply application
* Odor free and stringently tested with The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards for your assurance of exceptional quality and professional results
* Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) listed as to slip resistance

Sealed wood, vinyl, linoleum, no-wax rubber sealed cork, terrazzo, concrete, marble and slate floors.

Cleaning Instructions:
1. Clean floor.
2. Pour floor renew directly onto floor.
3. Apply with clean sponge mop or lambswool applicator in moderate coats over entire floor surface (do not work into floor).
4. Allow to dry for 30-45 minutes. A single coat is usually adequate, however, a second coat may be used.
Use on floors only when the product and room temperature are 50 degrees F or higher.

78% (7)
Hotel Georgia original key - May 7, 1927
Hotel Georgia original key - May 7, 1927
84 years ago today, May 7, 1927, Vancouver's Hotel Georgia opened. After a 2010/11 full restoration, it reopens July 15, 2011. From Canada's Historic Places: The heritage value of the Hotel Georgia lies in its contextual, historical and architectural significance. The Hotel Georgia is one of Vancouver’s most prominent heritage buildings. Located at the corner of West Georgia and Howe streets, it is one of a trio of distinguished buildings – together with the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Hotel Vancouver – which frame one of the city’s few downtown open spaces. The Hotel Georgia was built in 1926-27 in the Georgian Revival style to the designs of R.T. Garrow and John Graham Sr., the latter a prominent Seattle architect. The building has been host to many diplomats and distinguished guests in its almost 80 year history and has played an important role in Vancouver social life. Like a classical column, the building’s exterior is divided into three parts, a strong base, elegant cap and simple shaft in between. Elegant and restrained detailing includes tall mullioned windows on the second floor and a balustraded parapet with urn finials at the top of the building. The interior features a richly-detailed wood-paneled lobby, ballroom, ground level terrazzo flooring, plasterwork, curved staircase, and handsomely-appointed meeting rooms on the second floor. Character-Defining Elements: Key exterior elements that define the heritage character of the Hotel Georgia’s Georgian Revival architectural style include its: - prominent and highly-visible corner location in downtown Vancouver - orientation to the Vancouver Art Gallery square across the street - simple rectangular building mass and shape - principal street facades facing West Georgia and Howe Street - elegant and restrained articulation of building mass with base, shaft and capital sections - use of Georgian Revival architectural motifs - masonry construction, with detailing in granite, cast stone and beige brick - regular and elegant pattern of punched window openings - projecting marquee on both street facades Key elements that define the heritage character of the Hotel Georgia’s interior include its: - decorative balustrade and urns at parapet level - lobby with Georgian Revival elements including pilasters, columns, mouldings and paneling with elaborated elevator surrounds, terrazzo floors, metal balustrades, mail box and clock - ballroom with arched openings, decorative plaster cornice and chandelier mouldings - ballroom foyer with decorative mouldings and reliefs, drop beams and marble baseboards - fireplace and mirrored surround in the Tudor Room - York Room with all plaster mouldings and surfaces, stained glass, chandeliers and arched entry door openings - remains of former promenade space, with decorative plaster mouldings, drop beams, ceiling reliefs and tall mullioned windows - former basement pub with arches and Tudor Revival style decorative finishes
Terrazzo Cafe Floor After Restoration - Kansas City, MO
Terrazzo Cafe Floor After Restoration - Kansas City, MO
Surface was restored using GREEN techniques and helps our customer to qualify for LEED Credits. It will never require stripping and is maintained using GREEN cleaners and periodic burnishing with a diamond tipped pad.

terrazzo floor restoration
terrazzo floor restoration
TPSX1: Total Polishing Systems X1 20 inch variable speed 5 horse power diamond concrete floor grinder, 220 volt
If you are looking to diversify into concrete floor polishing and surface preparation this machine is for you. The demand for polished concrete is growing despite the economic state. In addition to concrete polishing and grinding, this machine will allow you to: Take on sidewalk grinding and trip hazard removal operations. Complete concrete floor leveling and surface preparation needs for tile setting. Tap into the HUGE market of driveway and garage resurfacing. Decorative concrete is one of the fastest growing trends. With the TPS X1 you can be a part of it. The TPS X1 is the ideal primary machine for residential and small commercial projects under 5000 square feet. It?s a robust, compact concrete grinder with the versatility for polishing, grinding, texturing or removing materials on most surfaces including concrete, tile, stone, and terrazzo. The dual 10 inch counter-rotating grinding heads on the X1 represents close to 50% of the machine?s entire footprint. This allows you to navigate small areas that are common in residential situations such as bathrooms, kitchens, and closets. With a grinding width of 20 inches and adjustable speed up to 1500 RPM the X1 can grind 1/16 inch of material at a rate of 400 - 750 sq feet per hour. Grind and polish using common, non-proprietary, diamond grinding heads and accessories with the X1's 2 multi purpose discs. These mounting plates allow you to accommodate various surfacing attachments for a variety of projects. The TPS X1 is engineered with a hardened steel gear transmission system for trouble free operation and long life with little maintenance. As the mid size workhorse of residential and small commercial projects the TPS X1 delivers portability, easily accommodated power requirements, and the tooling versatility to tackle virtually any flooring project. Using the TPS X1 for dustless dry grinding and polishing of concrete can be achieved by attaching a concrete vacuum to the dust extraction port built into the machine.

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