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Number Of Premature Babies

number of premature babies
    premature babies
  • In humans, preterm birth refers to the birth of a baby of less than 37 weeks gestational age. The cause for preterm birth is in many situations elusive and unknown; many factors appear to be associated with the development of preterm birth, making the reduction of preterm birth a challenging
  • (premature baby) an infant that is born prior to 37 weeks of gestation
  • (premature baby) ertgе tuwgan, zaman? cеtginci tuwgan, zamans?zlay tuwgan
    number of
  • Number of should be followed by a plural noun: a number of options.
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number of premature babies - Premature Birth
Premature Birth Awareness Ribbon Mouse Pad
Premature Birth Awareness Ribbon Mouse Pad
The Premature Birth Ribbon proudly displayed on a mouse pad. There is no better way to achieve awareness for the meaning of the Premature Birth Ribbon than to display it on your mouse pad for everyone to see. The mouse pad measures at 9.25" x 7.75", it is machine washable, and the colors will not fade or run. Start gaining awareness today by presenting your Premature Birth Ribbon mouse pad at work or at home. It is certain to keep your mouse rolling in style all while gaining support and awareness!

85% (19)
Cake a difference (15/02)
Cake a difference (15/02)
My eldest son was born at 25+6 weighing 920g, the same as the ingredients I'll be using to cake a difference this year for BLISS. He spent 104 days in 3 different NICU's before coming home. The care and support he and we were given was in no small part due to the fantastic work that BLISS do Cake A Difference is the annual fundraising initiative from Bliss, the special care baby charity. Bliss offers guidance and information at a critical time in families' lives, funds ground-breaking research and campaigns for babies to receive the best possible level of care regardless of when and where they are born. Cake A Difference 2011 takes place from 14-20 February 2011. For more ideas on how you can support Bliss contact Some facts and figures: • There is a shortage of 1,150 nurses to care for the 70,000 babies in need of specialist hospital care in England. Less than a third of units have enough nurses to meet minimum standards. • Neonatal units are working way above recommended occupancy levels meaning there is no safety net for peaks in the number of babies being admitted to units. • Families of babies admitted to specialist hospital care face a crippling financial strain on top of the normal costs of having a new baby. • Over half of parents face the prospect of not being able to stay near their baby in hospital due to a shortage of overnight rooms for families. Go ahead, bake my day!
4D Ultrasound Comparison
4D Ultrasound Comparison
The newest addition to our growing family. On left is a 3D/4D ultrasound, and right is same child 1 day old. Left - 27 weeks (+0) Right - 37 weeks (+1) Effective July 1st, pro-abortion Gov. Jodi Rell has signed into law that it's illegal to have an ultrasound performed in Connecticut unless it's performed under doctors orders for diagnostic purposes. Practices, such as the one where this one was done, will inevitably go under, their owners hundreds of thousands in debt for the equipment. Gov. Rell's reasoning was the unforeseen risk to the unborn from the ultrasound. Apparently, she's not aware that it's only sound, something to which the unborn child is subjected every day, and at a frequency which cannot be heard or felt, and can't cause any damage to Human tissue at the extremely low power used in the procedure. Many critics believe the law was passed not only to further the Governor's pro-abortion agenda, but to actually increase the number of abortions performed in CT. The law was passed to forgo even the most remote possibility of risk. Studies must show that abortion poses absolutely NO RISK to either the mother or the fetus (*sarcasm).

number of premature babies
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