Compare & Contrast Paper :)

 Dear Reader,
This paper is about the movie The Truman Show  and the book The Giver. In this paper Mrs.Lewis instructed us to compare the two storylines and write down the things that are the same and the differences. I really like this paper because I think I did a really good job and I was quite proud of my work. :)
Compare/Contrast Paper
By: Jazmyn Patterson
    Choice. Something we all take for granted. The choice to pick out an outfit everyday. The choice to eat what we please. The choice to choose our mates. The choice to be unique, and be who we want to be. In this world, choices are made all day all around us. With choice comes responsibility. In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry and in the movie The Truman Show, the main characters, Jonas & Truman, live in 'controlled' communities. In their worlds, the climate is controlled at all times, there are no murders, no rape or sexual abuse. There are no wars, fighting, substance abuse, guns & knives are non-existent. Jonas and Truman have their choices made for them because, choices come with responsibility, and with responsibility mistakes can be made. So while in a Utopia, it may seem perfect, it isn't necessarily perfect.
    In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, a boy named Jonas lives life in his world where he is not required to make an major decisions, and he has no problem with his lifestyle because, he doesn't know of anything different. At the ceremony of twelve, all children in Jonas's community who are turning twelve will be assigned a job perfect to who the are. They are assigned a job in the order of their birth. Jonas was skipped, and was thoroughly embarrassed. At the end of the ceremony Jonas was called onstage and was assigned the job of Receiver of Memory. He would experience things from the past that no one else in his community would ever experience. He would experience joyous memories such as, snow, sunshine, sledding. Jonas would also experience more pain then the common man. He would experience war, sunburn & and other horrific things firsthand. He would be the wisest man in the community. After Jonas had felt these memories, he felt that the members of his community should also experience the things that Jonas did. When Jonas, The Receiver of Memory, leaves the community or dies, the memories he received will be forced back into the minds of the members of the communities. Jonas plans to escape the community exactly one year after he received his assignment. When he leaves, he takes with him a small toddler named Gabriel. Gabriel was a slow developing child, and was planned to be released, or killed. Jonas and Gabriel escape to elsewhere, somewhere other that their protected, controlled world.
    In the movie The Truman Show, and man named Cristof purchases an unwanted baby through his corporation. The infant, Truman Burbank, is the star of the ultimate reality television show. Everyone in his world is a paid actor. While everything around him is fake, Truman is 100% real. His world of Seahaven is placed on a movie set in Hollywood. There are over 5,000 cameras all focused on Truman twenty-four seven. His wife, best friend, co-workers, family, and neighbors are all actors. Throughout the show, a woman named Sylvia caught Truman's attention and heart. According to Cristof, Sylvia was not to be Truman's love interest. Sylvia was taken away and she was replaced by Meryl. Truman married Meryl but was still truly in love with Sylvia. Slowly, Truman begins to notice that his world is not real, and that everyone is keeping secrets from him. Truman decides to escape from his world, and try to find the one thing that matters to him most. Sylvia. He tries to sail away but ends up sailing into the set wall. Cristof then begins to talk to Truman and convince him to stay in the world created for him. Cristof tells Truman that there is no more deceit and lies out in the real world then there is on the set of The Truman Show. Truman leaves the set, and goes to explore the real world.
    In both the novel, The Giver, and the movie The Truman Show, both main characters chose to leave the safe protection of their worlds to go elsewhere. Another similarity was that both plots began with a strange object interfering in their perfect lives. In The Giver, a plane flew close overhead scaring the community. In The Truman Show a stage light fell from the rafters on the set. Neither world in my mind is perfect, but to me Jonas's world is better because in his world at least everyone was real, and not a paid actor. Also no one had the entire world watching them on their television sets. While neither world is perfect, The Giver is slightly better in my mind.

    While the movie The Truman Show, and the novel The Giver share a lot of similarities, they also have a few differences. In The Truman Show,
 Cristof controls Tuman's world. He controls when the sun rises and sets. He controls when it rains and when it shines. He even controls the people around Truman. He controls what they say, where to go, and how they act around Truman, because they are all paid actors. In The Giver, everyone in their community is the real deal, so to speak. No one there is a paid actor with a man feeding them lines. Everything in the community is real, or natural. Also, in The Giver, no one lies, they speak their feelings and tell dreams in rituals, you had to take a pill to stop the feelings for people of the opposite sex,  you have to apply for children and spouses, and jobs are picked for you. In The Truman Show, the life that Truman led was a little more realistic. People lied, they sometimes spoke feeling and dreams when only deemed appropriate or necessary, they were allowed to like whom they please, and they picked their own jobs. 
    So in conclusion nothing is completely perfect, even when it is seemingly so. Both the author of the book and the writer of the movie left the ending off in a way that was neither positive nor negative. Jonas was left off at the top a hill with a sled and Gabe, with lights and music in the distance. Lowry didn't specify whether or not the boys survived, or perished. In the movie the writer had Truman walk off the set into the real world, leaving the safety of the world made specifically for him, searching for his true love Sylvia. The endings of both the novel and the movie were both left off leaving the reader/watcher to decide the fate of Jonas and Truman. So while in the beginning everything seemed completely perfect, Utopias aren't what they seem.