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I Wireless Center Events

i wireless center events
    i wireless
  • i-wireless is an American mobile virtual network operator that uses the CDMA Sprint PCS network to provide nationwide coverage. The company was originally based next to Kroger headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has now relocated to nearby Newport, Kentucky.
  • i wireless (formally Iowa Wireless) is an affiliate of T-Mobile, operating on the GSM-1900 and AWS-1700 platforms.
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Merry Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas Tree
This beautiful ChristmasTree stand proud in the lobby of the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence R.I. Info: Located in the heart of downtown Providence, the Rhode Island Convention Center Complex is comprised of two multi-purpose facilities – the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Dunkin' Donuts Center - capable of hosting trade shows, consumer shows, exhibits, receptions, banquets, meetings and conventions. At the center is a beautiful glass structure that offers space from 304 to 137,000 square feet. It is also attached, via skywalk, to the Westin Hotel and Providence Place Mall. The Rhode Island Convention Center also has one of the most highly skilled, progressive and user friendly union labor environments in the country. The Center utilizes a unique "one team" approach where all labor needs (outside of electrical and plumbing) are handled by one group. This means less people to work with and lower costs on the show floor. Providence is a very compact and walkable city. Add the rich culture of top restaurants, acclaimed theater, and a renaissance art scene that the Ocean State is known for and you've got the perfect destination for your next event. RI Convention Center Complex Quick Info 100,000 sq. ft. exhibition hall. Exhibit floor equipped with electricity, telephone, computer, compressed air, water and drains. 20,000 sq. ft. ballroom. 23 meeting rooms. 564 room Westin Hotel directly connected to the Convention Center, with an additional 19,730 sq. ft. of meeting and function space. Superb in-house food service. Comprehensive audiovisual services. Free wireless internet access in all cafes. Web casting from the show floor. Teleconferencing available anywhere in the facility. 2,400-car parking garage connected to Convention Center. 10 loading docks with ramp access to show floor level for easy off loading. 13,000 seat, renovated Dunkin Donuts Center adjacent to the Convention Center.
I enjoy big crowds.
I enjoy big crowds.
Yeah, it's fact. Warped '08 was more than amazing. I have too many stories to tell. I don't even know where to begin.. I'll probably just keep them to myself unless someone really wants to know. :) This is the crowd for All Time Low. There were so so many more people here...but I zoomed in alot. I was sitting on the hill because I've seen them twice before so I thought I'd relax this time around. Long day, but totally worth the money and preparing for. This kind of stuff is very high on my list of favorite things to do. My best friends and I got to meet Alex at Denny's. (We were part of the "after party" crew. =] ) sorry for the bad quality. Lib stayed home this trip. She would have got smashed at this scene. Bands I saw this year..in case you want to look them up 3oh3! Alesana Norma Jean Family Force Five We the Kings Four Year Strong Between the Trees Pierce the Veil Set Your Goals Forever the Sickest Kids (front row babyyy) Red Care Wire Mayday Parade The Audition Every Avenue All Time Low The Devil Wears Prada Bring Me the Horizon © Taylor-Tomorrow

i wireless center events
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