Welcome to the world of 3E!

Brief History
Established in the Philippines on the year 2008, 3E ELECTRIC BIKES (3E) is an electric vehicle - focused company. We supply all kinds of electric vehicles, mainly scooters, bicycles, golf cars, etc.
With the Vision of being the number one supplier of electric vehicles in South East Asia, 3E has the Mission of providing customers quality products with the best possible price. Providing service before and after sales.
What exactly is 3E?
3E stands for the 3 E's - Economic, Efficient and Eco-friendly.
Economic - Products that are priced accordingly without sacrificing quality. Easy to maintain without the costly frequent maintenance jobs.
Efficient - Productivity with less cost, effort and hassle.
Eco-friendly - Green products that don't use up our fossil fuels and don't emit harmful substances to pollute our mother earth.