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SMS Moltke

I am making this model as the ship looked about the time of the Battle of Jutland. This means with: the Admirals bridge, forward funnel cap, torpedo nets, and four 8.8 cm SK L/45 mounted on the rear superstructure. I will add the complete set of ships boats though these would not have been on board during the war. I try and make the model as accurate as reasonably possible but there are often parts of the ships were the plans and photos are not really good enough. I try my best to get the most out of the available material.

If you have any suggestions, corrections or comments then please mail me. 3d.warships@gmail.com

               SMS Moltke
                SMS Goeben

Thanks allot to Ralf Guse for donating his 3d model of the Moltke's forward superstructure to this project!
I have
added some parts but this is basically Ralf's model.