This website contains information that I have created and assembled to serve students in my Virtual-Reality classes and other learners interested in working with virtual platforms.  Other website are available with resources for the other classes and programs that I have developed.  This is NOT a course or the theoretical/conceptual basis of creating virtual platforms - it simply has ideas and example.  

This site is under continuous updates to feature ideas, examples, and information about brainstorming, designing, planning, storyboarding, implementing and evaluating virtual environments.   Since an important objectives in my virtual-design courses evolve around collaboration and idea sharing, students in my classes will be required to create similar websites to show their emerging virtual work to course mates.  Another website focused on broader both more practical and more theory-based applications of and uses of virtual reality; it is available at this link.
The website is NOT the primary outcome of this course, however, it is expected that students keep a sufficiently well organized website so that colleagues can read and understand their emerging ideas and so that reports and plans can be captured and shared.   Directions for making simple Google Sites like these are provided within the course and from this link.  
Please click the links to the left to access the primary pages; additional links within some of the pages that open.