Sculptures in St. Louis in 3D
by Karl M. Kindt III
314 308 7075
4944 Lindell, Suite 7W
The St. Regis
St. Louis, Missouri 63108

A 3D Workshop is Available so please also see this website:

This is a program for Artist groups, Seniors, Libraries, Scouts, Churches, Schools, Photo Clubs and Clubs of all kinds interested in the appreciation of sculptures in the greater St. Louis area.  Some of these 3D images were taken in the St. Louis Art Museum but many have been taken around the St. Louis area and more are to come.  If your group is into sculpture, contact me that I might come and take photos of your work and also teach you how to create 3D images like these as well as 3D images that will work on all 3D TV panels. If you click on the side menu links you will see some of these images.  I am adding more every day and this website is fairly new so I hope to have over 100 3D images of sculptures on this site before the end of May 2014.

This site is dedicated to displaying St. Louis sculptures in 3D.  To see these in 3D you need a pair of blue and red anaglyph glasses.  I will provide these to you without charge if you write to me at the above address and provide me with your email address.

Plans are underway to display many of these 3D Photographs at the Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis City library system on Lindell.

Click on any image to enlarge it.