Delta robot calculator

Delta simulator / calculator
Unfortunately this doesn't work on Ubuntu + Firefox / Chrome depanding on the videocard + driver that you use (Probably WebGL related)

A very helpful delta calculation tool, thank you Heliumfrog!

The following  image explanis the delta config setings for Marlin (and Repetier) firmware.

I'm still not sure about the carridge offset and  the smooth rod offset. I think it should take the center axis of the smooth rod. So please note that detail.


Heliumfrog frame calculator (Unfortunately this site is no longer with us, it is outdated anyway though this is where things started)

Kossel frame calculator the original file was deleted by the owner so there might be an update available?
The original file is re-shared here. There are some issues with this document that are discussed @ deltarobot googlegroup. Mini Kossel calculator and Kossel frame calculator
Now it is followed up by:

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