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Used Lab Equipment Toronto

used lab equipment toronto
    lab equipment
  • Two cheap microscopes, an expensive broken one, a box with rulers and pencils {donated by the "Lost-Found-But-Never-Asked-For" section of the school}, unlabelled tubes containing green, blue and orange bubbling liquids, dirty kitchen knives, a slide-projector, a blackboard and a locked closet
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used lab equipment toronto - Korg MONOTRON
Korg MONOTRON 16-Key Synthesizer
Korg MONOTRON 16-Key Synthesizer
Powered by two alkaline aaa batteries, the compact monotron can be held in one hand. although small enough to easily carry with you, the amazing monotron is packed with korg's legendary analog technology, generating thick and powerful sounds. concentrating on the most important sound parameters, the controls have been streamlined as much as possible. the panel contains only five knobs and one switch. with this level of simplicity, now anyone can easily enjoy the world of analog synthesizers. borrowing the enjoyment of performing with a simple touch from korg's wildly popular kaoss products, the monotron's ribbon controller keyboard takes this ease of use even farther. simple finger gestures can produce expressive effects such as vibrato and glide. the monotron's circuit is radically simple: one voltage-controlled oscillator, one voltage-controlled filter, and one low frequency oscillator. since each knob directly applies a specific change to the sound, the process of sound creation is intuitive, and instantly understandable. the monotron encourages exploration and experimentation, and provides the joy of sonic creativity that's at the heart of analog synthesis. the monotron uses the same highly acclaimed vcf circuit as korg's classic ms-10 and ms-20 semi modular synthesizers. originally released over 30 years ago, these instruments are still coveted today for their aggressive, dynamic filters. the vcf cutoff knob sets the frequency or tone of the filter; the vcf peak knob adds emphasis. a powerful filter is an essential aspect of any analog synthesizer, applying dramatic tonal changes to the sound, and projecting an intense personality that will stand out in any live performance.

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Scored Lab Eqipment?
Scored Lab Eqipment?
If I'm very lucky, I might be getting a free Thermal Cycler courtesy of the APC in Cork; these two damaged ones cost more to fix than replace! Likewise with the little Autoclave there, apparently with a damaged power supply. Some homebrew repair on these and I'll have some great lab equipment on my hands.
A well-organised mess
A well-organised mess
This is my desk at the lab. Yes, it's a horrendous mess, but some of it is on purpose (the wall!) Most of the important work is done elsewhere, this is just where everything eventually ends up as far as results and fun things. Mouse over everything to see what it all is. Described within great detail!

used lab equipment toronto
used lab equipment toronto
Test Tube Rack with 6 openings of 25mm on top plate with hemispherical wells and drying pins made of durable polypropylene. 2 Borosilicate Test Tubes/Culture Tubes size 13 x 100ml. 2 Borosilicate Test Tubes/Culture Tubes size 16 x 100ml. 2 Borosilicate Test Tubes/Culture Tubes size 16x150ml. Mortar & Pestle with porcelain pouring lip that is glazed on the outside and rough inside with unglazed footed bottom for stability - 60mm. Tripod Stand - 150mm (6") high. Wire Gauze - 4" square. Test Tube Clamp. Nuffield Chemical Spatula - 140mm x 7mm overall length. Test Tube Brush. Glass Dropping Pipet. Glass Stirring Rod. Alcohol Burner made of molded soda glass with tightly fitting sealed brass cap and wick. Beaker - Griffin, made of durable polypropylene graduated 50ml. Measuring cylinder - polypropylene 10ml. 2 Corks. Erlenmeyer Flask - 100ml narrow mouth. Beaker - 250ml Borosilicate graduated with large enamel marking spot.

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