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Hunter Irrigation Equipment

hunter irrigation equipment
    hunter irrigation
  • Hunter Industries is a manufacturer of irrigation equipment for the landscaping and golf course industries, based in San Marcos, California.
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hunter irrigation equipment - Hunter XC
Hunter XC XC-600 Outdoor
Hunter XC XC-600 Outdoor
XC Controller Entry-level residential controller with extra flexibility, features, and memory. The new Hunter XC presents handy water management control in a compact, user-friendly controller that is capable of meeting the irrigation requirements for a wide range of residential landscapes. Simply put, the XC brings a whole lot extra to a small controller. Like extra power...the XC offers a choice of 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-station models, each with plenty of might to operate one or two valves per station plus a pump start relay or master valve. Extra features...including global seasonal adjustment and a 365-day calendar to make water savings easier, plus a default system that permits retrieval of the original program entered into the controller. Extra flexibility...with three programs (each with four start times), multiple scheduling formats, and the ability to select sensor input by station. And extra memory...with a non-volatile on-board program backup and a high-energy lithium battery for timekeeping to assure you'll never have to reprogram the controller due to power outages. The choice for those who demand outstanding reliability, the XC is where to turn for extra peace of mind.

89% (17)
Yes ... I keep turning on my sprinklers just to see them work. You can see the Hunter MP Rotator head in action. very mesmerizing. After the full test the only thing I really had to do was replace one riser that had snapped off. Other than that it worked perfectly the 1st time it was powered up. If the software I wrote worked the 1st time I tried it like this sprinkler system did I could probably work 1 day a week.
cleaned up my pile of debris, backfilled my trenches, installed new valves. lawn-tear out is starting now

hunter irrigation equipment
hunter irrigation equipment
K-Rain 11003 ProPlus Sprinkler Rotor - 3/4" Inlet
The PROPLUSTM adjustable arc and full-circle gear driven rotor comes standard with nine numerically coded interchangeable nozzles. The flagship model in the PRO Series line, the PROPLUSTM is packed with features that ensure reliability, saving the installer time, money and needless frustration. Excellent nozzle performance delivers an exceptional fall out pattern. In independent testing by C.I.T., the PROPLUSTM delivered up to 90% uniform coverage. Tough, proven and advanced, the PROPLUSTM is the lead in its class.

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