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This is a program for libraries and schools in which the children receive a pair of free 3d glasses and view 3d slides about immigrants, their experience and the wonderful diversity of folk who have and are coming to America.  Included also is a live interview with the Statue of Liberty (a young girl in a great costume holding up her torch of liberty!) in which she answers where she came from, why she was made, who made her and what she has witnessed.  The audience also gets to sing the famous Irving Berlin song based on the Emma Lazarus poem that is inscribed on the Statue of Lberty's base "Give me your poor, your tired.... (For the whole poem see the web page on the left).

Children and adults can learn from this program all about our immigrant past and the rich cultural diversity we have all brought to these shores and learn especially about the uniqueness of a statue in a harbor that welcomes people from all over the world to join us in this great American experiment of freedom and liberty.

Karl M. Kindt III, Instructor at Webster University and South Western Illinois College at:
314 308 7075