Upper Deck Hockey Trading Cards

upper deck hockey trading cards
    trading cards
  • One of a set of cards, such as those depicting professional athletes, that are collected and traded, esp. by children
  • (trading card) a card with a picture on it; collected and traded by children
  • (Trading Card) Trading cards grew out of the tradition of reward cards but were purchased for the cards themselves rather than being a bonus to another product. While sets were produced as early as the 1930’s they made a substantial appearance in the 1950’s.
  • A trading card (or collectible card) is a small card, usually made out of paperboard or thick paper, which usually contains an image of a certain person, place or thing (fictional or real) and a short description of the picture, along with other text (attacks, statistics, or trivia).
    deck hockey
  • Street hockey (also known as road hockey, deck hockey, ground hockey, easy hockey, cosom hockey or ball hockey) is a type of hockey played on foot or with skates, usually on an outdoor surface (very often a street, parking lot, or other asphalt surface).
  • higher in place or position; "the upper bunk"; "in the upper center of the picture"; "the upper stories"
  • Upper dentures or teeth
  • upper berth: the higher of two berths
  • The part of a boot or shoe above the sole
  • the topmost one of two
upper deck hockey trading cards - Artist Trading
Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap
Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap
Create and swap mini works of art!

The simple act of sharing 2? x 3? pieces of art, known as Artist Trading Cards, knows no boundaries and brings like-souls together like no other form of communication can. Unique statements, passionate emotions and favorite interests can all be expressed in these miniature works of art that are always traded, never sold.

Artist Trading Cards Workshop will not only teach you how to create your own cards, combining one or more of the 25+ techniques demonstrated in step-by-step photos, it will also share the ins and outs of trading, finding and organizing card swaps and how to trade with others across the miles or even the continents.

Discover ways to create colorful collage backgrounds, make cards from fabric, incorporate painting, stamping, phone book pages, tissue paper, string, stencils and much more - all is revealed in step-by-step photos, but that's not all. You'll also:

Learn the ins and outs of trading - where to look, what to swap.

Find creative ways to store the cards you'll soon be collecting.

Be inspired by the cards from 60 talented contributors and over 200 beautiful cards.

Become a part of the world-wide phenomenon that starts with Artist Trading Cards Workshop, and share a piece of yourself today! Create. Collect. Swap.

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60 Years of Trading Cards: From Ball Game Cards to Card Game Cards
60 Years of Trading Cards: From Ball Game Cards to Card Game Cards
A small selection of trading cards from my collection. I began collecting as a kid in the late 1980's. I haven't collected sport cards in a long time and most of these haven't seen the light of day in almost 20 years. Top row, left to right: 1949 Bowman Baseball: Randy Gumpert 1960 Topps Baseball: Julio Becquer (upper); Roy Face (lower) 1959 Topps Baseball: Herb Plews 1991 Donruss Baseball: Unopened Wax Packs (4) 1991 Score Hockey: Unopened Pack Left to right, bottom row: 1991 Upper Deck Basketball: Magic Johnson 1991 Score Football: Brett Favre (rookie card) 1991 Score Hockey: Wayne Gretzky 2010 Magic The Gathering (M10 Series) trading card game, unopened booster pack
NHL All-Star Locker Series
NHL All-Star Locker Series
Five bucks, which is probably too much compared to what I could find it for on eBay but it was a fun purchase nonetheless. Not to mention that these cards depicted players who were in the 1993 NHL All Star Game, which was the last time it was hosted by Montreal. Montreal hosts the upcoming NHL All Star Game in 2009.

upper deck hockey trading cards