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room decor stores
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room decor stores - Snap-N-Store File
Snap-N-Store File Box, Letter/Legal Size, Glossy Black (SNS01536)
Snap-N-Store File Box, Letter/Legal Size, Glossy Black (SNS01536)
No more hiding storage in totes, basements, and garages. Snap-N-Store's Letter/Legal File Box provides desktop or archival filing that is easy to store and looks great. With heavy-duty fiberboard panels and industrial-size snaps, these file storage pieces ship and store flat, and can be assembled in a snap! The letter/legal file box features chrome-steel handles for easy carrying, and a chrome card holder for labeling. Steel reinforced top edges are perfect for both letter and legal size hanging folders. The glossy black laminate finish provides a stylish appearance to this innovative product.

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Spirea on the table
Spirea on the table
Because of the cats I don't usually attempt to bring flowers inside, but these were too pretty not to bring in and enjoy. I really love my red dining room, but it doesn't photograph very well. Update: The next morning the vase was on its side, water across the table, and spirea on the floor. Now the vase has two plastic cat-proof daisies in it.
dining room: art
dining room: art
Now you all know my dirty secret: so much art left to hang. I've been storing some of it in the cool old box that is supposed to house the leaves of the table. The print at front is from a House Industries yard sale (!) and the vintage portrait was a thrift store find.

room decor stores
room decor stores
Verbatim Store 'n' Go Netbook 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive 97464 (Black)
Easily add more storage options to your netbook or notebook computer with Verbatim's stay-in Store 'n' Go Netbook USB drive. Allowing storage in a drive that fits in the body of a Nano receiver, the Netbook USB drive features a snag-free design for easy transport, which is also removable for easy file sharing. Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista, the Netbook USB offers a USB 2.0 interface that is a great addition to any netbook. This always there, always ready USB flash drive is available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.