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Peacock Wedding Decor

peacock wedding decor
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peacock wedding decor - Ivy Lane
Ivy Lane Wedding Designs Peacock Collection Ring Pillow, Ivory
Ivy Lane Wedding Designs Peacock Collection Ring Pillow, Ivory
Peacock feather embellishments finished with Austrian crystal adornments decorate the pieces of the Peacock Collection to create a dramatic look that adds a sophisticated touch to any event. Peacock feathers are offered in combination with white, ivory, or black accent feathers. Mix and match. Due to the natural and handmade elements in the Peacock Collection Design, each piece will slightly differ than as shown in photographs. A beautiful wedding can start from the smallest detail or ideas, which then turns into a mood or theme that represents you. Our collections make your wedding come alive with coordinating accessories to enhance any wedding theme or idea. Whether you want something satin, something blue, something classic, sophisticated, trendy or new - take a look at Ivy Lane Designs' Beverly Clark and Jamie Lynn collections where you are sure to find something you love.

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Pretty as a Peacock Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow
Pretty as a Peacock Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow
Peacock inspired ring bearer pillow made of silk in an array of peacock colors, eye and sword feathers complete the theme. This lovely pillow has crystal and silver accents and measures 9" square, matching flower girl basket available. After the wedding, this lovely pillow could be part of your home or office decor.
Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor
Snapped this picture at a friends wedding. It was part of the table decor, peacock feathers and coffee beans. One of my very first ever photos with my first digital SLR camera.

peacock wedding decor
peacock wedding decor
Peacock Canvas Masterpiece
Our Peacock Canvas Masterpiece makes a beautiful addition to any room in your home. Designed with a rich display of vibrant, jewel-toned peacock feathers, this custom canvas can be used as a wall decoration, on top of your fireplace mantle or on top of a book shelf. This canvas is professionally stretched around a wooden frame for easy display and storage options. Size: Measures 16 by 20 inches. Materials: Stretch canvas and wood. **sorry, we are unable to ship this product to HI, AK, AE, Canada or Puerto Rico**