Holiday Outdoor Decorating

holiday outdoor decorating
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holiday outdoor decorating - Let There
Let There Be Lights!: A Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Christmas Decorating
Let There Be Lights!: A Beginner's Guide to Outdoor Christmas Decorating
Have you ever wondered how some people build magnificent Christmas displays with thousands of lights? Have you ever wanted to build your own display but thought it was too confusing and difficult to build? This book will take you through the very basics of Christmas decorating where you will learn:How to save money on Christmas lights as well as the various types of lights availableTechniques and tools that will make putting your lights up easier than you thoughtHow to fix your Christmas lights instead of replacing them year after yearHow to save hundreds of dollars over store bought decorations by making your ownHow to use your Christmas display to benefit your favorite charityTips on storing your decorations as well as protecting yourself against vandalsMake this the year that your home shines brighter than the North Star, and puts a smile on the face of every child who admires a true Christmas display!

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what we made this thanksgiving holiday
what we made this thanksgiving holiday
we were at a family lake house this thanksgiving, and while it was lovely as always, our usual hiking and boating schedule was interrupted by a nasty cold that made the rounds, so we kept busy by a toasty outdoor fireplace making things, including these bead drop decorations: we just strung old beads and bits of necklaces and vintage buttons and sequins and the leftovers of a bunch of bracelet making kits --basically the contents of a few big mason jars -- on lengths of embroidery floss. they're so sparkly and pretty hanging from this tree, and i think they'll look lovely hanging from a branch in the house as an alternative to more ordinary holiday decor.
Bathroom swag
Bathroom swag
Yes, I do the bathroom too. Don't you feel all girly and special now? (My mom gave me almost all this stuff a few years ago. The bow at the top was made by me from velvet outdoor ribbon, and the crystal dangly on it I found at the Dollar Store.)

holiday outdoor decorating
holiday outdoor decorating
Outdoor Holiday Decoration Light Display Projector by Collectibles Today
Outdoor Holiday Decoration Illuminates Your Home Year Round with Rotating Images of Snowflakes, Balloons, Stars, More! - Here's the perfect holiday treat that gives back all year long! Now, instead of spending hours on a ladder attaching decorative lights to your house, try this lighted projector instead. In just a few minutes, this weatherproof projector gives your home the appearance of a dazzling snowscape, haunted house or party room with rotating images of snowflakes, ghosts, balloons and more! Simply choose your slide and watch as this unique outdoor holiday decoration transforms your home's entire facade right before your eyes.This impressive seasonal home decor features a unique projector that sits on your lawn and casts the image of your choice across a 60 foot wide expanse by directing a bright white beam onto a rotating mirror ball for amazing effect. Turn the mirror ball housing and you can adjust the direction of the images and the rate at which they move. Plus, this unique holiday decoration comes with 8 interchangeable slides that let you decorate for every season, all year long. Don't delay for this fun-filled animated outdoor decoration. Strong demand is expected. Order now!
Projector plugs into an AC outlet and rests on a stable stand for ease of use
UL listed
Measures 20" W x 22" H x 8" D; 50.8 cm W x 55.9 cm W x 20.8 cm D