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Bathroom Decorating Photos

bathroom decorating photos
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Indoor Decorating --- Images From My Family's Christmases
Indoor Decorating --- Images From My Family's Christmases
As Canada is a country of immigrants we don't have one common Christmas experience. From now until the big day I am going to post images that MY family associates with Christmas. I am a second generation Scotish/English Canadian from a secular family. 1. mantel decorated with boughs & bobbles 2. candles in Christmas colours 3. Christmas cards displayed on walls, the mantel and hanging from ribbons 4. cut out paper snowflakes 5. Christmas Village (recent addition to our decorations) 6. decorating with a variety of evergreen boughs 7. poinsettias (red, white, red/white speckled) 8. cotton wool used as snow 9. decorated bathroom (we don't go over board like this though) 10. stockings hanging from mantel days before Christmas 11. no bare stair bannisters 12. amaryllis (recent Christmas favourite) 13. mistletoe (caught under the mistletoe you are going to get a kiss from someone) All photos from Google Images
Bathroom Mural
Bathroom Mural
My mum sent me this mad gold paisley shower curtain. Compared to which, the rest of my bathroom looked rather dull. So I decided to decorate it with these Gustav Klimpt style swhirly fronds of... swirl. The green paint is metallic, with a gold sheen that you can't really see in the photo. Obviously, it's not finished yet, who knows what it will turn into by the time it's done.

bathroom decorating photos