Historic Preservation From a New Dimension

Night is falling quickly on the unique architecture of the Carnegie Libraries, bringing with it a lose of part of the fabric that makes up America. 
3D Carnegie, in utilizing the design program called Google Sketchup and Google Earth, and is doing their part in creating the first three dimensional historic record of these amazing buildings.
Each three dimensional model will be placed within the 3D layer of Google Earth, the worlds largest interactive map, for all to see and appreciate.
Feel free to visit our Google Group if your interested in contributing in the effort to model these buildings. Available there is a Google Earth KMZ file with all the California Carnegie locations already mapped out.
Completed models will have a presence here also. Like the Paso Robles Carnegie below.
Thanks for your interest.

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The Carnegie Library building in Paso Robles CA is the first in the collection of Carnegie's located in California.

The rural Bayliss Carnegie Library is unique among California Carnegies.

The Mediterranean Revival building that now houses the Chico Museum.

The old Carnegie building is an example of the Classical Revival "temple style."

Library Park provides the setting for the Orland Carnegie library.

Yreka, the most northerly California Carnegie community.

Upland's oldest civic building.

Dixon is one of only three California Carnegie communities
to obtain a library as a high school district rather than city or county.

The Carnegie building is the only example of public 
architecture of its period remaining in Colton.