3D Candy Drawing project is a fun, creative project for kids to use candies to create 3D objects! 

At Science Hack Day SF 2015, we experimented with various candies, various temperatures, various methodologies to create best practices for making 3D candy pens.

Our goal is to introduce CANDY SCIENCE to kids :)

How to make a 3D Candy Pen

Step1: Buy candies. 

Among the various candies we tried, we suggest Jolly Rancher hard candy which melts at a lower temperature and best for people who wants to do rapid prototyping.

Some members preferred mint candy and CakePlay Isomalt Nibs candy, as they works well to make skinnier and robust sculptures, taking lots of time.

Here is an example of what you can make with the mint and cakeplay candies.

IMG_20151024_185050 Untitled

Step2: Melt the candies.

Put the candies in the toaster. We suggest 300-350 degrees to toast.

Step3: Take the candies out of the toaster and roll it into a filament.

Step4: Put the candy filament in the glue gun, and create objects. Have fun!

Untitled Untitled