What's An Unconference?

Hyper-Relevant content with more discussion and fewer slides

Day 2 of the Google SketchUp 3D Basecamp will be an attendee-driven day we like to call an "unconference," where content for sessions is driven by attendees and subject matter experts.

Topics for the unconference sessions are determined at the beginning of the event by attendees.  Since 3D Basecamp attendees propose, lead, and present the content of unconference sessions, the event becomes relevent to what attendees want to learn, share, and discuss.  Attendees are empowered to take ownership of the day's activities and engage within the event community through a variety of gatherings:
  • Group discussion
  • Show and Tell
  • Interactive game
  • Learn how session
  • Something new!
Instead of having a pre-determined schedule of sessions with lots of PowerPoint slides and very little discussion, an unconference relies on attendees to set the agenda. We get together, people suggest topics for sessions, we make a list, everyone votes to decide which topics are the most popular, and the unconference begins!

Start thinking about topics that you would like to see as part of 3D Basecamp!