Tips and Tricks

Basically there were 4 or 5 people and Jean Luc presented 4 or 5 tips/tricks and then the session ended (after about 25 minutes). Its hard to capture notes on something that is purely visual, but here is what I got:

How to pile two object on top of each other. Create box. Create cylinder. Center of cylinder on top of center of rectangle. Group cylinder. Move tool. Center of group (underneath). Moves to midpoint inference on top of box. Midpoint on other side of box. Gets two inferences and pops it there. (had switched to x-ray mode). Two black dots = dual inference. Then moves box over cylinder.

Rectangle. Add some feature. Doing mirror image. Select two edges. Follow me along two edges. Two holes on side of rectangle. Select whole object (triple-click), rotate tool. Click left button slide along line, Picks up object Rotate copy 180 degrees. Have mirror image. Flip along blue axis. Scale tool. Scales vertically -1. Have mirror. Rotation and scale = mirror.
Another possibility for mirroring object. Draws lines along three sides of a corner. Eraser on corner, deletes corner. Make mirror and join on face. Place axis tool on face where corner was. Make copy, flip, and there’s the mirror image

Push/Pull double-click to duplicate height. So, with a couple hundred. Go to plan view, select rectangle tool over then all. Then,  push/pull and you have shapes pushed/pulled, bottom solid, but top are not. Reverses faces,

Perforated plate. Creates extruded rectangle. Adds hole. Push/pull hole into the plate. Propagate hole. Copies top (edge of hole). Duplicates edge 4 times. Have to push pull/them separately. Now he has flat rectangle with duplicated circles, Creates copies. 24 holes. Select all. Shift to add/subtract. Double click on face. Now just circle surfaces selected. Push pull – have plate with holes.

Creating a sphere.

4 sided polygon. Vertical diamond/horizontal diamond. Create Octahedron. Delete lower part to get pyramid.

Roof with 45 degree slope. Arc with two segments.