The Bottom Line: Making Money with SketchUp

-- Robert (Bob) Pineo was the speaker.
-- he is the owner of Design Develop LLC
-- he is from Charlottesville, VA
-- email >>
-- phone# >> 434-806-8365
-- website >> (
the rest is from memory, so I hope it's accurate :)
-- he talked about the success of a Dam Project in Charlottesville where he used SketchUp visualization to help ease community confusion surrounding the dam's proposal.  This was in conjunction with something called the 'Charlottesville Tomorrow Group' (  I found this related video >>
-- he is currently able to charge ~$100/hour for a variety of his SketchUp/3D services, instead of using a 'flat-rate' fixed pricing system and has found success that way.
-- he used to be an architect (I think) and can now sustain himself on income from his 3D modeling services alone!  which is awesome.
-- most of the remainder of what he talked about was answering audience questions