Subdivide and Smooth

Focused on organic modeling. Demos of next versions of Subdivide and Smooth plugins.
Want to know about user experiences to help improve it.
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Subdivision divides the surface and smooths it out.

Making a pillow. This is particularly important for rendering.
Knife tool: Cuts through the whole context of the geometry (like Zorro).
- Doesn't create a group.
Subdivide now gives a preview before you have to commit to the operation.
You can adjust the number of iterations during the preview phase.

Version two:
Sculpting tools:
Can adjust the brush radius with control drag, (also in the future will be able to adjust in the measurements box).
Different modes:
Sculpt mode: Moves along the averages of the normal vertices
Inflate mode: Moves along the directions of the individual vertex normals

These tools will not change whether or not the geometry makes a solid.
Can't lock to an inference direction yet, but considering it.

Pinch: Pinches the geometry about a point. Run it along the geometry and make a seam or crease.

Preselect and make a group to reduce the amount of impact of the tool
Easy to adjust radius with control drag, but not easy to set a specific radius. That will come later in the Measurements box.

Easy to drag brushstrokes around on the model

Flatten: Works like a rolling pin.

Vertex editing: released tom tom.

Paint select; drag around select vertices, edges, and faces with a painting gesture. Simple to add colors or materials

Vertex Editing: soft select mode, select a few vertexes, arrow keys increase radius of influence. Only works with soft move, kind of like the smoove tool. Also soft rotate is available (but not demo-able).

Reduce polygons: Poly reducer is incorporated. Click to reduce geometry. Two modes, you can reduce the polygon count for the whole selection, or select individual vertices.

Will be able to deselect vertices.

Triangulate tool: converts polygons to triangulated version. Some tools work better with triangulated models.

Now, can operate tools on a selection. Can affect adjacent faces, not the flatness, but the shading.

Can subdivide without smoothing. Good to prepare the model for soft rotation, for example. Tom Tom has a similar feature

Smooth connected geometry will smooth all of the geometry that is connected to a selected edge.

Crease tool: Allows you to select edges and vertices that will not move during subdivision.

Proxy Mode: Low poly proxy mode. If you have a solid-like object. It creates a manipulation polygon and the subdivided geometry. As the manipulation geometry is modified, the subdivided geometry will follow.

Extrude tool: The extrude tool works on the subdivided manipulation geometry.

Proxy and subsurface are on different layers to hide them if necessary.

Texturing doesn't quite work yet. Hoping to have this as part of the final release.

Does this work with free-form-D plug-in.

First version is available for $22.

Can't access bitmap data (for bump map) from the Ruby API. It would be great for a smoothing to a height map.

Can create a component, make a mirror image, then model symmetrical shapes.

Working on the pinch tool to be able to lock down edges of a face or shape.

Different modes, linear, and average to control the curvature of the smooth move.