Styles by Steve Oles and Style Builder

Steve Oles (Paul Stevenson Oles)
Steve pointed out another member in the group, Jim Leggett, author of the hybrid imaging book "Drawing Shortcuts"

DIscussion of Steve's AIA Santa Fe - the Sundial House, see for 2009
(1600 City Lights, Santa Fe, NM).

Mention of exporting lines via dwg, import squiggle…

Steve Gross (Universal Creative) asked a question about watermarks… like any 2 media, if you're wanting to composite, be conscious of the nature of them combined.  Psychological ability to get the convex and concave in reading... we're not wired to see them simultaneous (illusion savants?) to see that.  (Grain overlay, grain underlay)… but also showed the "Eames view"  ( - the Santa Fe skyline view from his chair.  How high to allow the parapets and facades.  Section through portal (photoshop, light direction, reflected light (given 2 different skies) blue skies == purple, clouds == gray.

Note the "some light here"  2D over 3D, then into photograph.  Compare in context once the building done.  His book 1971 - comparing the National Gallery and the 1978 photo on the back jacket, cited as the best PRA (photo-realistic anticipation), BIll Mitchel, MIT (, see

To hear the crude audio recording of this session, download the QuickTime recording at