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Photoshop - Scott Baumberger
  • Standard resolution 120dpi for port
  • 4000 px x 3000 px
  • Export from SketchUp png
  • Mask in Photoshop and paint over with textures
Posterize - Terry Leonard
  • way to scale down the amounts of color
  • then can select by color range
  • then save selection and come back to the original, non-posterized version.
  • “this is a sketch”, not going to be perfect.  Tell the client this.
Layer states - Scott
  • group layers
  • save history states, save layer states
  • can easily come back to many different renders in the same file
  • can simply modify colors when the client requests it.
Layering multiple renders from sketchup - Terry
  • can export the color version from sketchup
  • then export a line weighted drawing from SketchUp
  • can simply magic wand the color areas in Photoshop
  • then finally put the line weights over the color export.
  • uses Google Earth to bring in terrain, imports DWG over the top and draws 3D shapes (buildings)
  • What is the view he wants?  can take a long time to do over
Holy grail - Kemper Smith
  • Realtime watercolor?!  Give me a break..
Do clients want accurate lighting? - Scott
  • No, its sizzle and pop and not accuracy - Terry
Save everything you got - Terry / Scott
  • Can always come back to it
  • No reason to get rid of it
  • Client may want to see something from before that you threw away
  • Color and draw as small as possible
    • Reduces amount of detail needed
    • Makes for a more compelling story telling
Line weights - Kemper
  • Squiggle - standalone application
  • match the line weights and styles in SketchUp
  • Problem:  line intersection in SketchUp, T intersection will break up that top line in AutoCAD
Print and cover with tracing paper - Terry
  • Draws the lines over the printout
  • uses felt tip pens, markers on back of tracing paper
  • uses Photoshop to place the gradients for sky/water/windows
Jeremy Kay
  • For car lights in highway
    • Draw a line, adds vivid light
    • motion blur
  • How big is the file? 7500px wide
  • SketchUp export, hand drawn on top.
Making of tutorial - Scott
  • SketchUp > Lighting > Entourage
  • Image 1, basic, no textures, just lines and light egg color (from client)
  • Apply a SketchUp style
  • Curves don't apply the style very well, though
  • Filled in the colors on the model
  • Turn line work off and colors, just turn on shadows
  • images all overlaid in Photoshop, set transparency to multiply.
  • Shadows have a blue tint applied (softer)
  • hit some sun on the right side of the building with some Color Dodge
  • apply a ‘dirt’ pass (adds grungyness)
  • Add an ambient occlusion pass
  • Darken the undersides of the canopies
  • at some point he added a building in the foreground and added color to it, which helps bring attention to the clients building rather than to the texture-less building in front
  • Image 12:  everything that is blue, call it glass, and uses Dodge brush to start getting glows in the windows (interior lighting)
  • start to add entourage, people trees, cars, people sitting at tables, umbrellas above tables
  • BTW this is all Photoshop
  • Lamp posts (components from SketchUp) with USC logo on banner, street lights, foreground people.  Car covers up some ugly scenes, and whatever else is behind it.
  • large tree in foreground, all the way to the top of the image, from outside the image.
  • Add Sky, gradient, tree shadows, surface texture on the road, more people, people shadows.