Shadows and Rotation

buildings that build tall wind buildings, generators.  shadow crosses the street

architecture - George
    • shadows and location
    • interior lighting, very forested area
    • natural light is premium
    • glass vs light, well placed windows, well placed overhangs
    • less glass is more energy efficient
    • but not make it a dungeon
Control for sun protection - Morgan
    • see before the building is built.
    • improve the light inside the building
    • winter, sun gain, heating
    • summer, protect building from sun, improve HVAC system
    • louvre, venetian blind, tree with leaves!
GMT - George
    • Boulder Junction, Wisconsin
    • instead of opening earth, earth come to you :)
    • this is our little town
    • much easier now to set location
    • added geo-location, manually
    • now UTC - 6:00
    • auto assigned a time, arbitrary “01:30 PM”, though not necessarily correct time
    • 1:30 is a user setting
    • hard to get exactly the right shadows
      • basically, since time zones don't always follow longitude exactly, there are areas that are incorrect
      • you have to know which UTC - x and the location to be able to correctly set the time for the shadows
      • there is a deviation x min / 15 deg longitude (or something similar to that)
      • professional daylight studies will have to use this logic to correctly portray accurate lighting at a time of day.
      • It’s not necessarily a problem in SketchUp, just a common problem across the world and architecture industry.
Draw a box - George
  • Turn on shadows
  • Turn on monochrome shading
  • Turn on North arrow
  • Terrain is relatively useless, he needs 6” not 6’ resolution
  • Turns the Time to UTC - 5:00
    • draws a line to show the angle of the shadow on the ground
  • Turns the time to UTC - 6:00
    • draws a line to show angle of shadow on ground
  • 15 1/4 degrees difference just on an hour difference
  • The dilemma presents itself! - George
  • good place to find out exactly the correct time differential for “Green Bay, Wisconsin”
  • UTC - 5:00 is the correct time for this location
  • so, he needs to change the shadow settings to UTC - 5:00 instead of UTC - 6:00
  • otherwise his shadow studies will be off significantly.
  • this is relevant for 4 months of the year
My Business - Theiry
  • important to have good shadow management
  • solar industry
  • good choice is the end users choice, local time
  • we develop a window plan
  • we buy shadow management
  • we can simulate which windows are not being hit by the sun (they change color from yellow to blue)
    • Probably a ruby script
  • “run shadow anim” script that auto changes the shadows, and the windows update
    • potential to automate the blinds, based on the day