Group Discussion
  • Tips and tricks
    • Use “Share Component”
      • import in one block of Google Earth terrain and imagery
      • build all the buildings within the block as separate components
      • right click on each component and share component
      • this makes it so that you can build all the buildings without overlap and it reduces the amount of time you have to spend starting new files
    • Start your building in Building Maker and import into SketchUp
      • this way you can use the oblique imagery in Building Maker to start your model in the correct geographic location and scale to the correct height
      • once the model is in SketchUp, you can add detailed Street View imagery and higher amounts of details
    • Create models in SketchUp using Street View images as photo textures
      • import in terrain and imagery
      • trace footprint
      • estimate height of building, and then extrude
      • apply Street View texture and add details based on what can be seen in that imagery
      • apply Street View images to as many sides as possible
      • if there isn’t a Street View image for a side of a building, create a unique texture from one of the other Street View images and stretch it across the untextured side
        • SketchUp textures are generally not considered “photo textures” and could cause the model to not be accepted into the 3D Buildings layer.  Using at least part of the photo texture will help the model go through the pipeline.
  • Questions
    • I want to build in New York City, but if I create a single building it knocks down the rest of the block.  Why is this?
      • The current acceptance criteria says that each building should be its own model.  Some of the older data is in block form, so if a single building model is submitted, assuming it is the better model overall, it will “win” against the block model.
      • So don’t feel bad about dupeing out a block!
    • If I am an owner of a building, and there is a model currently existing of my building, can I report an issue and make a new model to replace it?
      • When there are two identical building models vying for the same spot, the better model wins.  
      • We suggest not requesting the removal of a model unless there is a privacy concern or inappropriate content.  
      • Instead, creating a more detailed model with good meta-data will give you a better chance when two models dupe.  The better the photo textures and the details, the more likely a model is to be considered as the best model for that location.